Hussein Sajwani Is Growing His Business

In Dubai, Hussein Sajwani, the billionaire developer behind DAMAC Properties is hoping to enhance his business. This will also be through the real estate firm, Trump Organization which is owned by President of US.

Hussein Sajwani has said that his ties with the Trumps extend much beyond the President. DAMAC properties have ties with daughter Ivanka as well as with sons Eric and Donald Jr. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

This is because all his three children are totally involved in his business. Under their leadership, the business relationship with DAMAC properties will only expand and grow. Hussein Sajwani says that his children are closely involved with all the details. This is because they are highly protective of the brand.

Besides, his wife and Ivanka Trump are good friends. The families meet for lunch and dinners regularly. They enjoy working with each other. They share more than cold business relations with each other.

Even earlier, Trump’s children Ivanka, Eric along with Donald Jr. have represented their brand to rich foreigners. Most of them had links with powerful politicians. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

These people belonged to different parts of the world ranging from Canada to Turkey to South America and even extending all across Central Asia. Even Ivanka has mentioned on social media that she has attended business meetings since 2010 in over 13 countries.

While working with DAMAC Properties on a project, Ivanka was pregnant. But she was still quite involved. Besides, she was back to the office in a couple of days after her delivery.

Hussein Sajwani had met Trump before he got elected as the President of US.
Hussein Sajwani has always clarified that there is no reason for people to be worried about his financial links with the occupant of the Oval Office.

This is because he is not involved in any kind of political issues. Rather, he believes that DAMAC properties will benefit from the strength of the Trump brand as it has enhanced after the US elections.

Who is Roberto Santiago?

Few people outside of Paraiba, a state in northeastern Brazil, are familiar with Roberto Santiago. A highly successful and very respected businessman and entrepreneur, Santiago is best known for developing and operating the Manaira Shopping Mall in downtown Joao Pessoa. Even those who call the city home are often unaware of how Roberto Santiago managed to develop such a name for himself. If you are curious about Santiago and want to know how he ended up in the position that he’s in, keep reading.

From a very early age, Roberto Santiago was clearly a go-getter. His curiosity was insatiable, and he was always looking for new and interesting things to do. An excellent student, he did well in school and knew that he wanted to pursue a higher education. After earning an undergrad degree from Pio X Marist College, he still wasn’t satisfied. Knowing that he aspired to succeed in the highly competitive business world, he knew that he needed more impressive educational credentials. He went on to attend University Center of Joao Pessoa, or UNIPE, where he earned a degree in business administration.

Even though Roberto Santiago was very business minded from a young age, he always understood the importance of staying active and having fun. He got into many different hobbies and pastimes, but he always found himself gravitating back to things like motocross and bowling. In fact, Manaira Shopping Mall, his crowning achievement, boasts a state-of-the-art bowling alley where Santiago is occasionally seen playing.

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After a stint at Cafe Santa Rosa, Roberto Santiago took a chance and invested in a local cardboard box manufacturing operation. Happily, his investment paid off, and his rise in the world of business began. Santiago was very careful with his finances, which afforded him the ability to purchase an excellent piece of commercial real estate in the heart of downtown Joao Pessoa. This was fortuitous because he had already started developing plans for what would become Manaira Shopping Mall.

Ground broke on the mall in 1987. It opened two years later, when Santiago was only 30 years old. Since then, he has developed another mall, Mangabeira Shopping Mall, and he has continually worked to make Manaira even bigger and better. Indeed, between 2008 and 2014, its already impressive food court was improved and expanded three times. Nowadays, Roberto Santiago continues to operate the mall, is highly active in the community and gives back whenever he can. Visit their profile page on Facebook.

Betsy DeVos the Guardian of the American Dream

On the dawn of 8th January 1958, Elsa Prince and Edgar Prince, both of Dutch ancestry, brought forth a beautiful soul to the face of the earth and named her Betsy. She grew up in Holland Michigan and attended Holland Christian High school. She later graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

She is married to Dick Devo’s and is blessed with four children. Betsy DeVos has dedicated her life to philanthropic work and her love for humanity is indisputable. In 1989, Dick&Betsy Devo’s foundation was founded and has since made groundbreaking contributions in the history of philanthropy.

In 2015, this foundation was number 24 in Forbes list of world’s top givers having committed $139million in charitable giving in their lifetime. Christian principles propel the foundation, and its areas of focus are arts, leadership, community, justice and education. I view her as a woman dedicated to creating a better world where every person has an opportunity to flourish.

In 2010, Betsy and her husband donated $22.5million to Kennedy centre to facilitate the training of art managers on how to run cultural institutions through fundraising. The centre was named Devo’s Institute of Arts Management. She was serving on the board of directors for Kennedy Center of Arts, a duty assigned to her by President George Bush.

This was the biggest donation to the centres, and Betsy’s approach of leveraging human capital to its optimum potential was lauded as practical and realistic. The Devo’s have also established a scholarship for Fee Enterprise and Entrepreneurship earned by students with a BBA from Northwood University. Check this article from New York Post.

Betsy Devo’s is an advocate for education activism and reforms, and views such as a mean of promoting God’s kingdom. She has given a lot of support to the idea of school vouchers as they would allow people attend private schools with public funding. Betsy Devo’s and her husband founded the “All children matter” foundation in 2003 that gives credits to businesses offering scholarships to private school students and also to promote school vouchers.

She served on the board of Children’s first America that sought to increase variety in school choice via vouchers and tax credits. It is no doubt that her love for education has elevated her to the heights of being the current secretary of education of the USA.

In her quest to ensuring that the community gets a quality education, Betsy Devo’s is opposed to the existence of a monopoly in the education sectors and argues that opening up the sector to competition would better the education of America.

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The Philanthropist who broke the Bank of England, George Soros

George Soros is a name that we all hear a lot in this day and age but how much do you actually know about the man who “Broke the Bank of England.” When he shorted the British pound, A lot of us don’t know much about this courageous entrepreneur besides what we here on the T.V. Here is a little insight to the man who has overcame so much and has so much influence in today’s society. Read his profile at Forbes.

George is a Hungarian native who survived the Nazi occupation of 1944-45 and with his family managed to help so many others do the same. In the year 1947 Soros fled to London with a mission to become known in the world of economics and Philanthropy. While working two, less than glamorous jobs, railway porter and a waiter, Soros managed to put himself through the prestigious London School of Economics. George later immigrated to the state of New York. This is where he founded his first hedge fund on Wall Street in 1969 with a capital of 12 million dollars that would later be known as the Quantum Fund.

Today, George Soros is a remaining top end investor through, Soros Fund Management, his family office which has an estimated value of 30 billion in various assets. Today George is one of the leading Democratic Party funders. He has been involved and supported the Democratic Party for decades. He has been said to have donated billions of dollars to support the party who carries the ideals he cares so much about. Read more on

In 2004 George Soros had stepped back from political donations, after the election of George W. Bush, but has now decided to back the Democratic Party once again by allotting The Hillary campaign a tremendous 25-million dollars of support.

However George isn’t just politically driven he also is known as one of the world’s foremost philanthropists with a donation total of over 12-billion dollars to date. He has donated to create more accountable democratic countries all over the world. Soros helped launch the legalization of marijuana in the United States, along with backing same sex marriage with a very vocal front. Although his philanthropic ideals have evolved they still revolve around his precious ideals of an open society and to alleviate the world’s most intractable problems, the problems where a definitive resolution may never be found.

So in conclusion I believe the man we all hear about in our day to day lives is much more than just a political influence. He has driven so much hope and aspiration into so many to one day is able to lead a truly transparent life with a fully accountable government.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny Achievements in Oncology

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a respected professor of Oncology who is currently based at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The successful scientist focuses on cancer and aging in the school. Mikhail Blagosklonny has achieved a lot in his challenging career.

Mikhail Blagosklonny acquired his education from the prestigious Pavlov State Medical University. After obtaining his first degree, he chose to further his studies in the same institution. The scientist specialized in experimental medicine and cardiology, graduating with masters.

Mikhail Blagosklonny was appointed to serve at the popular Medical College in the year 2002. Mikhail was working at the institution’s New York City branch as an associate professor. The successful scientist worked in the firm for some years before joining Ordway Research Institute.

At Ordway, Mikhail served as a senior scientist. He was the leader of the research strategies in the company. Mikhail worked hard at the institution, fulfilling all his duties. The position enabled him to acquire a lot of expertise, and this has made him one of the most influential people in the oncology world. The scientist served in the company for several years. In 2009, the oncology expert was appointed to work as a lecturer at the well-known Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Mikhail works at the institution up to date, and he mostly focuses on cancer studies.

Mikhail has been able to do a lot of research on molecular and biology topics. People in the world respect him for his accomplishments in the medical field. The scientist is believed to have played a key role in the establishment of Cell Cycle, a popular journal that mostly covers medical topics such as cancer cell cycling and mitosis. Visit to read more about Mikhail.

In a recent interview, the scientist says that he is very passionate about research, especially on issues concerning age and cancer. Mikhail has concentrated his efforts in cancer therapies that he hopes can be useful in protecting the body cells from severe damages. In biogerontology, Mikhail has been able to produce effective anti-aging drugs. The scientist has also been working with Oncotarget as one of the senior editors. His publications in the journal have transformed the lives of many people in the world. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar

About The Traveling Vineyard

It was launched in 2001 as a wine tasting entity for the various red, white, fizzy and sweet wine categories.

Benefits of joining the Traveling Vineyard

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3.The company also offers encouragement tour to the agents that show significant work commitment.

4.Compared to other MLM units, possible sales agents get discounts of up to one hundred and seventy-four dollars after joining the program.

5. They also grant an extra seventy-five dollar commission for the first and second series of company sales. Likely; sales agents also get the opportunity to plan their calendars, organize their earnings and make arrangements for other future job openings.

Traveling Vineyard’s aim is to convene the most exciting customer experience

The company is dedicated to present its clients with the most special occasion to experience wine by showing up the quickest procedure to sample the different brands of wine. Through an extensive social media presence, the company aims to channel efforts and resources in reorganizing people for the most relaxed indulgence and experience in home party events.

Participants are presented with the most affordable opportunity to interact and associate with business minded professionals who are able to achieve financial goals, accomplish dreams as well as get the appropriate wine making and merchandising learning experience.

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