Traveling Vineyard Excellent Services To Wine Drinkers

Traveling Vineyard Company is a successful enterprise that uses network marketing, and tasting parties by use of trained wine guides to market and sell the most prestigious and classy wine brands in the world. Traveling Vineyard markets for Italian, French and Spanish wine brand among others. The brands include Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne and the list is endless. Therefore they are dedicated to serving many wine drinkers and helping them meet their needs. The company has employed over 5, 000 wine guide.

For those who have a flexible daily program, they should take wine guide as their career and get to earn money on a regular basis. Traveling Vineyard allows wine guides to work from their homes and where they deem right and convenient. Traveling Vineyard trains, and encourages its wine guides giving them all resources to make selling wine efficient and productive to the company. The guides are not restricted to any rules as there is no one required to work with the company`s uniform.

As a wine guide, you interact with the different group of people whether in parties or homes as you visit them for wine tasting. The relationship the guides build with people around them as they guide them on the wine brands, it creates a strong bond between the wine drinkers and the company`s wine brands. After wine tasting which a wine lover is guided through efficiently by a guide they order as per the samples, they have tasted, and delivery is done at their convenient time. You can feel free to follow them on Twitter as @travelinVineyard.

Wine guides also use Sommology kit which helps them to pair food with the right wine brands. The system was established by the Traveling Vineyard Company to make wine purchasing to be enjoyable, reliable and convenient to wine lovers as they get the taste of their dream.

Traveling Vineyard Company has also established the use of an Awesome mobile app as a way of enabling and helping wine guides to process orders online as they serve their clients in different localities. Wine guides are located in various places to meet the needs of wine drinkers and improve the company sales.

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