Securus Technologies Gives Police Officers a Fighting Chance

Looking back at my job as an officer in a state prison, I am surprised how quickly things have changed concerning the inmates. It feels like it was only yesterday that we had two inmates per cell, guards and inmates could walk the yard together, and there were very little in the way of violent incidents inside the mess hall. Today, we seem to have a violent outbreak hourly, and many officers have left this facility and still remain in local hospitals from injuries sustained.


In an effort to control the resent increase in violence, we called in Securus Technologies to provide us with a resource that has changed the way officers interact with the inmates of this jail. We knew that this company created an inmate call monitor that was already doing wonders in 2,500 jails in this country, so we wanted to see it in action for ourselves.


Securus Technologies has one objective, and the employees of this company are all in agreement they are working to make the world a safer place for us all to live. We didn’t realize it at the time just how much safer things would get.


What the call monitor does is scan every single call inmates make on the prison phone, then the LBS software scans for verbiage pertaining to things like violence, drugs, or weapons. When the system has a hit, it will alert officers and we get in position to take the recommended action.


If an inmate asks family to sneak him any contraband, we stop that transfer in the visitor center. When inmates brag about drug use, we take away those drugs. Being in a position to stop a crime before it occurs gives officer back control and has decreased violence this week in our facility by 25 percent.


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