Securus Technologies Drone Detection Technology Alerts Prison officials about Drones Approaching their Facilities

Drones are the fastest growing technology in the world, and it has seen an increase in its development and sales in the past years. Even though most of the people are using these drones for professional and recreational use, there are people who are taking advantage of the technology. The drones are being misused by the criminals to supply contraband, which is also putting the lives of many inmates and officers at risk. Many of the inmates and officers have in the past lost their lives due to the attack by the inmate using a weapon they received through the contraband.


The problem of drones in prison is set to increase as they are becoming much cheaper making it available to more people. Drones also have to carry capacity of 11 pounds and more making it the perfect mule for carrying the contraband items inside the prison yards. Thus, there is a need to stop the drones from entering the prisons. There have been reports of prisons building higher walls to prevent the entry of drones, but these do not always work. Drones are very difficult to detect because of the small size, different shapes and even their speed. They can be identified only using an advanced monitoring method.


Securus Technologies has come up with a drone detection technology that will send a message to the operator in case there is a drone approaching the walls of the prisons. It will then help locate the position of the drone and catch it before it can make its delivery to the inmates. Drone technology by Securus Technologies is still in the testing phase and will need some time to mature. Even then, they are the best defense for prisons against the drones that can do more harm to the prison industry than one had thought earlier.



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