Jose Auriemo Neto Passionate Leadership Propels JHSF to Great Heights in a Short While

Leadership is a hot seat coupled with multiple demands beyond what many think it is. The moment of appointment of a leader to an office will invite all eyes to be glued to him to evaluate his capability as the head. Nevertheless, some proficient leaders have used their positions to influence the mushrooming of organizations in which they are in charge. Such inspirational leaders include Jose Auriemo Neto who exhibit acumen in articulating his responsibilities in leading development courses.

Background Data

Auriemo was voted the Chief Executive Officer of JHSF for two years in succession from 2003 to 2005 at YPO – Young Presidents Organization. The organization brings on board more than 25,000 top executives from at least 13 countries globally. He is also a graduate of Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado based in Sao Paulo.

Exemplary Career at JHSF

Jose Neto has been an Executive Board Member from 2009; this is besides his current position as the chief executive officer. Since he set his feet at JHSF back in 1993, he has upheld dignity and immense respect for work ethics, innovative culture as well as manifesting splendid leadership. In a short span, Neto has registered numerous achievements which have had a direct impact on the growth of the company. He began by establishing the company’s parking lot solution, Parkbem.


Jose Auriemo Neto did not wait for the company to win international pitches as he knew what he was up to; in 1998 he oversaw the construction of Santa Cruz shopping mall with the current world-class specifications. Since he began serving at JHSF, he has been duly committed to finding opportunities and making them a reality as well as reaping massive profit for the company.

The Outline

Jose Neto has worked hard to accomplish the much that he has. Over the past years, he worked on creating a healthy rapport between employees and clients. As such, JHSF has grown into an excellent business not only for him but also for his workers.

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