Sean Penn and his new book: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

After being in a countless number of blockbusters—Sean Penn has taken his professional life in a different direction. After his career as a producer, director, and most known—world-class actor, his interests have shifted into writing. His new book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a mix of comedy and modern life experiences. The novel has received good reviews and is paving the way for what Sean Penn might just do for the rest of his life.


In a recent interview with Vogue, Sean spoke about his decision, interests, and what led him on this path. His passion for acting has recently decreased—and we don’t blame him. In the later years, Sean Penn wasn’t enjoying the Hollywood environment anymore. Dealing with so many different kinds of people and the pressure of meeting a film’s expectations began to wear him down.



At this time, Sean decided he needed a different type of outlet—writing. This became an outlet where he could express himself freely and relieve the mental stress he was dealing with. He found it soothing to need no dependability on collaborations, expected creativity from others, or financial sources. At the time he has no wishes to return to the sets and is envisioning his future as a writer.


Bob honey Who Just Do Stuff


The novel is based on the life of a fictional character named Bob, an antisocial guy who lives in a world where nothing seems to go well. Bob, a divorced man, lives an uninspired yet interesting life. The story takes place in the modern world and the main character goes through life having to deal with the issues Americans are currently dealing with.


In the book, American society is often criticized as one that is so strong, but so empty at the same time. The country is portrayed as a dividing nation that is flooded with superficiality and is losing its identity. Sean Penn is currently in the process of writing his next book but didn’t disclose any information about it.

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