About Heather Russell

Before joining TransUnion, Heather served as a leader of Buckley Sandler. Here, she coordinated Financial Institution regulations and FinTech. Before that, she has worked with many commercial banks where she held a position of Chief Legal Officer and corporate governance.

Heather Russell Joins TransUnion

TransUnion recently released a press statement that indicated that Heather Russell would be joining their firm as a leader. Heather Russell has numerous skills and expertise relating to the fields of consumer financial services, data privacy and security, government relations, and FinTech. She has acquired these skills due to the 20 years in the Legal Executive department. Upon joining TransUnion, Heather Russell will be in charge of corporate governance, managing all legal issues, private consumer functions, and will oversee all government relations related to TransUnion and their subsidiaries. She will be reporting to the Chief Executive of the Firm Jim Peck. She will also be serving on the TransUnion Executive Committee where she will be displaying the progress of the firm.

When TransUnion CEO Jim Peck was asked to comment on the coming of Heather Russell, he stated that Heather is one of the few smartest individuals whose skills are relevant to the growth of TransUnion. He noted that the incorporation of Heather Russell would strengthen the leadership of TransUnion which will lead to a substantial increase and they will have a better chance to realize their goals.

According to Heather Russell, TransUnion is a great firm to work with. She believes that her financial and legal expertise will be of great significance to the TransUnion Family. She added that TransUnion is an ideal firm that works to their level best to bring information solutions to businesses regarding access to their goods and services. In conjunction with the TransUnion Executive Committee, Russell believes that they are going to make a proper process.

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