Graham Edwards Behind Successful Deals

Gram Edwards is actually the Chief Executive Officer of the Telereal Trillium Company. The company played an important role in the shaping the UK’s property market. This brilliant man is also the co-owner as well as the CEO of the Castle water. You know what? Castle Water is actually the top independent water retailer in the United Kingdom. Graham Edwards is also a good tennis player, investment expert, and enjoys skiing.


Graham Edwards as the CEO of the Telereal Trillium


Graham Edwards has been the CEO of the Telereal Trillium since its creation in the year 2001. His leadership qualities have played an important role in influencing the company’s culture as well as makeup in several ways. He established a culture of noticing the previously unseen value of strategic development through partnerships. This has resulted in a company with huge property holdings.


Graham Edwards was behind the deal that saw Telereal Trillium enter into a partnership with BT. This deal was executed in the year 2001. The partnership helped the company acquire about 6,700 properties. The BT also benefited immensely from the transactions involved.


One of the most important components that facilitated the success of the deal between Telereal Trillium and BT was actually the built-in flexibility. This facilitated the vacating of properties of BT over time. These flexibility arrangements helped BT to decrease the size of their estate by about 30%. The partnership facilitated the vacating of the estates creating an opportunity for Telereal Trillium Company to benefit from the properties.


More about Graham Edwards


Graham Edwards is an alumnus of Cambridge University. He graduated from the institution with a degree in economics. He has worked with some of the best companies in the area of investment. Before joining Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards worked at Talisman Global Asset Management as the chief investment officer. Here, his performance was excellent.


Before joining Talisman, Graham Edwards worked at a company called Merrill Lynch Investment Management where he was a fund manager. He also worked at the property department at BT Group. Here, he was in charge of finance. This position prepared him for his future position at Telereal Trillium.


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