Jorge Moll Neuroscientist and Researcher Continual Efforts to Change Humanity for the Better

Jorge Moll is the current founder and head of D’Or Institute of Research and Education where a long time ago he had an epiphany, and a dream that grew into a passion to help his country achieve greater levels of education, greater levels of healthcare, and greater levels of world class research. The dream and passion he has is something that he has always had even since his youth, and with his expertise and years of history working in the medical field receiving his MD in neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil he also completed his residency to become a full fledged neuroscientist. He also later at Sao Paulo University received his PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology.


The way that Jorge Moll is able to spread his dream and his vision to other people is by keeping productive in his day-to-day routines which consist of meetings with a variety of individuals over a variety of topics. Jorge Moll speaks with a large number of a diverse group of people that in compass many different organizations and fields and levels of expertise. A list of types of people that Jorge Moll meets with are students, associates, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and many more and he believes that it is truly a key to have a diverse group of individuals to meet with as the exchange of ideas and the level of communication will allow for or brilliant revelation to become a reality.


That very ideas day he has use that become a reality are sometimes the ones that come from other people and the ideas that he has are constant in many and with so many ideas it can become extremely difficult to decide which is a good idea to invest in and which one should be dropped and no longer look at. He has a tendency also to choose those of which he believes can easily be converted into a measurable action plan that allows for multiple hands to invest time and energy in making it happen. He also has a strong interest in the trend and evolution of cognitive systems such as artificial intelligence and the possibility of machines and the brain working together to develop regenerative medicine and gene therapy. Over all Jorge Moll is someone who is consistently coming out with brilliant ideas with collaborative help from associates hoping to use neuroscience and technology to greater humanity.


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