Rick Shinto has excellent plans for the health sector in Puerto Rico through Innovacare Health

Innovacare Health, one of the largest and fastest growing health institutions in North America is seeking for new employees for various positions. Innovacare Health is a company that has been able to establish itself in the world market and therefore the kind of employees in continues to seek as it grows are expected to be conversant in the health management sector and other services at the company in order maintain its legacy in the world market.

Some of the positions that the company is seeking employees for our Chief Experience Officer, Medical Management Professional, Provider relations for managed care network development, Corporate Chief Medical Officer among others that if anyone is interested can visit their website for more job opportunities available at the institution. The employees are expected to be risk takers, hard-working, committed and dedicated to achieving the goals of the company.

Innovacare Health is one of the best institutions not only for the clients but also for the employees since the leadership of the company makes the working environment favorable and conducive to them. There are influential leaders one of them being the Chief Executive Officer Rick Shinto who has served in the company for a significant number of years. He is praised for his excellent leadership skills which are one of the reasons the company is in the position it is today. He believes in teamwork and excellent communication skills among the members of the company which enables them to solve even the most complex challenges during work.

Another leader who is conversant with the development of the institution is the Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides. She has also served in the company for many years in different p; positions such as the vice president of the Clinical Operations as well as the Chief Operating Officer of the Company. She recently met with Donald Trump, President of United States to discuss matters concerning health services in Puerto Rico. She was one of the most active members during the discussion talking about the plans that Innovacare Health has for the health sector in Puerto Rico.

She describes the primary objectives of the institution as the provision of managed health care services that are affordable even to the most average person in Puerto Rico. The facilities are not only aimed at being cheap and affordable but also be of the highest quality that is technologically advanced such that the residents do not have to go seeking health services from outside.


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