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Save More Money With The NexBank Financial Group

The unique NexBank professionals, located in Dallas, Texas, offer their customers superior personal account options. You can also maximize your business funds with a commercial or industrial account. They pride themselves in having over $65.7 billion dollars in assets along with secure government backed FDIC insurance. Your money is protected by NexBank, even when you’re sleep. Their unique services has been extended to their online customers that now, topple over 500,000+ members nationwide. You can trust their team of professionals to help you with superior financial planning options to help you save money, you don’t need to spend.

Why Customers Are Choosing NexBank Services

The NexBank professionals were able to win the popular Financial Compability Innovation Award for their technology advanced banking. They were presented with the award from the EVERFI® Group. Their group specializes in gaming simulation and other technology. They were proud to present NexBank with the award for their accomplishments in technology banking. NexBank stockholders are also pleased with their recent capital gain for their portfolio. Their President, John Holt, was able to secure over $20 million dollars in equity. Join the NexBank Financial Group online and apply for a great finance account opportunity today.

Additional NexBank News

Are you a low-income Texas resident with dreams of owning a home? The popular NexBank financial group allows you to realize your dream of owning a home, even with limited resources. Their partnership with the Dallas based Dallas Neighborhood Homes, has made lower interest rates and a monthly mortgage a possibility for hundreds of local area families. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to avoid huge student loan debt by becoming a part of their college savings program at NexBank. Their college savings program allows you to save up to 22 percent on college tuition and school supplier.

NexBank Preferred Services

– secure direct deposit

– multiple device access

– IRA accounts

– free checks

– live support

– no fee ATM’s

– financial planning efforts

– and much more…

Become a NexBank customer by visiting them online for more details.

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