Lime Crime to Combine Forces with Tengram Capital Partners

Lime Crime, a cosmetic cult favorite known for unicorn beauty done differently, announced that Tengram Capital Partners has procured it. The decision went into effect June 18th, 2018 and brings with it Stacy Panagakis as CEO. The change will assist in and improve on the cosmetic company’s current growth strategies. This is a benefit Tengram Capital has to offer since it has worked with brand based retail companies extensively. The decision is a great step for pushing the company out into larger and larger customer markets.

Since 2008 Lime Crime has stood apart in the beauty industry as a digitally focused beauty brand. With its flag ship website reaching customers across the globe, the company has also pursued retail opportunities to make their beloved unicorn products accessible to all. Being known globally as a top notch cosmetics brand with retailers such as, Riley Rose and Bloomingdales might make you think Lime Crime couldn’t go much higher, but the company is always striving to do one better for all its unicorn fans.

Ms. Panagakis joins at a pivotal moment in the company’s career; enthusiastically calling it a “millennial brand” that can resonate with women far and wide. She will be working alongside a company veteran and lead Creative Officer, Sasha Valentine. Doe Deere, the company’s co-founder, has hopped into a role with the board of directors to continue doing what she loves most – exploring greater cosmetic possibilities. Valentine will be sure to continue Deere’s passion for adventurous cosmetic creations, such as the company’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free liquid matte lipsticks to it’s remarkably well selling Diamond Crushers lip toppers, from here on.

There’s quite a bit of excitement to see what is in store, especially for consumers, following this decision. If it includes even greater varieties of color and unicorn love then we’re all for it.

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