Graeme Holm creates Infinity Group Australia to deal with debt reduction

Infinity Group Australia is a company that was established with the interests of the people in mind. Graeme Holm left a career in the banking industry and took up a different cause that would see him work against his former employers. When he created this company, the intention was to change the cause and come up with solutions that would allow customers of banks to avoid falling into traps set by the banks. After serving in the banking sector for 17 years, he was aware of the opportunities that were available in the sector and how the banks used to operate. One thing that caught his attention is the nature of deals banks were offering their clients. While some clients would feel that the banks were helping them, it was them who were benefitting the banks more.




Infinity Group Australia was created in 2013 after Graeme Holm found it necessary to help the people from the banks. One of the major hurdles that customers face is with loans repayment. When a bank offers you a loan, there is nothing on top that is added. As a result, many people take the loan without enough skills on how to manage it and its repayment. What normally happens is that people are left in limbo with nowhere to run to.




Currently, there is a very high number of people who have excessive debt burdens, yet they have to depend on their paycheck which is also awaiting other bills. As a result, many people are only able to pay the minimum amount agreed since there is nothing more left. This scenario is the one that plays out most of the time, but there is a new strategy that we can exercise and get the right results. Out of the finances we get, there is a high chance that we can still manage to save something.




Infinity Group was created to focus on savings. It is possible that we can change the manner in which we spend our money and channel more into savings. What normally happens is that we use too much money on things we can stay without. These items end up consuming much of the finances we have. It is possible that we can save more by stopping wastage. Wastage is a key factor that should be given priority if we need to save more and pay the debts we have. There should be no wastages until all debts are cleared. Learn more :


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