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Where The Party At? Just Ask OG Juan!

If you want to party like a hip hop star, it is best to do it when partying with OG Juan. The business mogul recently spent 50th birthday party with none other than Jay Z, celebrating in style with a party that cost over $100,000 by the time the night was done.

According to people at the club, the small intimate gathering spent nearly $13,000 at dinner on food with an additional $9,000 going towards drinks. Ain’t no party like an OG Juan party, that’s for sure!

After the kingly feast, the small group went to the club to engage in more festive antics where 40 bottles of champagne were ordered to the tune of $75,000. Let’s hope all of that rare champagne was worth it.

Suffice it to say that Jay Z seems to really know how to take care of his friends and is certainly not going to leave them destitute. The small party even managed to tip the server at the club they parties at a “modest” tip of $11,000! That always feels nice at the end of the night!

It’s no wonder though that they partied so heavily as the two have been friends business partners for decades, and if they keep on going on nights such as this, it is hard to imagine that friendship going anywhere but uphill. Hopefully they can keep up the lifestyle so that normal folk can continue to be regaled with tales of their excess.

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