The Trail to Ultimate Wellness with Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is no stranger to pursuing adventure. Throughout his career, Hagele has offered invaluable insight as outside counsel for a number of technology companies. He has managed the inner workings of technology for a various array of companies in aerospace, defense, and biotechnology, to name a few. With his extensive set of skills, it is no wonder why Michael is unafraid to pursue new avenues and broaden his set of skills. The creative process is essential to Michael’s productivity, so finding the right stimulant is the key to gaining success in his career. This is why Hagele dedicates a vast sum of his time to mountain biking. An established man in his field, Michael Hagele embraces the challenges of off-road biking in the same way he would with a challenge on the job-with excitement, gusto, and a thirst for adventure. Read more about Michael on Crunchbase

According to Michael’s Strava profile, he has biked over 150 miles in the current month alone. Hagele is able to apply the practices he has learned in the field of technology to mountain biking. The jobs Michael has worked in required him to be resourceful, find unconventional methods for solving a problem, and show a level of endurance to overcome a challenge. Above all else, however, Michael emphasizes the importance of safety on the trail, especially for beginners. Hagele suggests finding the right piece of equipment, placing great importance on acquiring a good dual suspension system and a solid disc braking system. The gear you wear can also maximize your ability to ride comfortably, so invest in a well-fitting helmet, good shoes, a light backpack, and gloves to help with grip. You should always prepare for obstacles, so be sure to bring patches, a tire pump, a map, and possibly even a spare tire, if able. Prepping for the weather of the day is also essential to handling the trail, so equip yourself as needed.

Michael Hagele believes that physical activity is the key to sharpening your mind. Looking at his track record, it’s hard to deny the effects his hobby has had on his work. Michael hopes that he can continue to serve people in every facet of life. From the clients he serves at his own practice, to the new riders he finds on the trail, Michael Hagele offers the right advice for people looking to achieve maximum health and wellness.



Christopher Linkas Talks Commercial Real Estate Investing

There are many people who look to put money to work for them by investing in financial securities such as stocks and bonds. While these assets provide a lot of benefits for investors, there is another asset that can be even more lucrative. According to investor Christopher Linkas, investing in commercial real estate provides people with a great way to establish a secure retirement as well as a stable investment income.


Christopher Linkas began his career in real estate investing shortly after he finished college in 1991. Despite there being limited opportunities in the job market due to a recession, Linkas was still able to find opportunities that would allow him to develop expertise in investing. In fact, he attributes the recession to his overall investment success. Since loans offered lower interest rates, there was a lot of opportunity to participate in real estate investing.


His first job out of college was working at a consulting firm that provided repackaged loans to individuals. He would then move on to credit and investment where he would help run the real estate funding business. During this time he would focus on both managing debt as well as the commercial real estate division.


Over the years, Christopher Linkas has used his experience to find out what commercial real estate has to offer. According to him, commercial real estate offers benefits that are a bit superior to other investment options. Investing in the stock market is very dependent on the gains in various securities and the markets. With commercial real estate investing, individuals will be able to more easily withstand the fluctuations of the stock market and continue to make profitable returns.


While the stock market has a number of fluctuations, the real estate market can as well. However Christopher Linkas says that by understanding real estate better, investors can get around these potential fluctuations. He believes that it is important to know how properties are in demand during certain seasons which can affect their value. It is also important to evaluate the exact type of property that you are looking to purchase as well. Properties that are located in urban markets in densely populated areas are also more likely to fluctuate less often then in other areas.