Waiakea Water, Straight From A Hawaiian Volcano

Getting water from the base of a volcano seems unusual, but the oddity has lead to Waiakea Water’s massive success. The reason for this high quality water is that it must pass through over ten thousand feet of volcanic rock that acts as a strong filter. So only fresh and quality water makes its way down to the base of the Mauna Loa volcano, which is then bottled and shipped out to consumers across the world who rave about Waiakea Water’s benefits. The water is packed with natural minerals and electrolytes and it is alkaline with a PH of 8.8.

People are turning to bottled water to provide healthy water that is safer than city water from the faucet. With the increase in bottled water consumption, it is important for consumers to buy from ethical companies who don’t drain source after source and leave communities reeling. This is where Waiakea Water is ahead of other bottling companies. This Hawaiian bottled water company only takes an environmentally healthy amount from their source, making sure they leave their environment better than they found it.

Not only does Waiakea Water work to maintain a sustainable environment on their home volcano, but the company also supports sustainability practices around the globe. If that isn’t enough to trust the company with your business, they also make a point of donating much of their water to areas of the world that are in desperate need.

The high alkalinity works to combat the negative affects of the highly acidic diet most Western consumers have.

Waiakea Water is a healthy hawaii volcanic water that uses alkaline water to help maintain the body and dental health of consumers. Customers can buy Waiakea Water with pride, as the company works to help the environment of both their native Hawaii and the world itself.


How Waiakea Water May Just Change the World

Water is unlike any water we have seen on the market yet. Bottled from a single, fully sustainable source in Hawaii, the water runs over volcanic rock where it collects natural minerals before being bottled. The water is incredibly alkaline, falling between 7.8 and 8.8 without any additives.

Founded by Ryan Emmons in 2012, Waiakea recently shared that when it rolls out to markets within the year it will be the first ever water bottle to be fully degradable and recyclable – yes, even the cap!

The bottled water market has been jammed for years to offer an eco-friendly option. Yet, with facts arising such as that companies can slap the term “degradable” on water bottles that won’t fully degrade for 15,000 years, there has been a movement to shy away from bottled water altogether and opt for a personal carrier.

Waiakea is poised to enter as the first true bottled water that checks every box that we, as fans of sustainability, demand from our water. Emmons himself is leading the charge by demanding that the packing be truly degradable. The new Waiakea water bottles are fully degradable because they are not even made of plastic. The company has worked for five years and conducted over 1,200 experiments to turn the actual polymer of the packaging into a carbon-based wax that is finally 100% degradable.

Waiakea Water is also one of the first premium bottled water brands to earn the prestigious certification of being Carbon Neutral. Their packaging can be fully recycled and eliminates virtually any outlet for environmental harm.

While Waiakea may be a new face in the crowded bottle water scene, they are by no means at the back of the pack. Consumers are looking for a truly sustainable product and Waiakea is offering just that.

In addition to their commitments to the environment through their product, they also have included social consciousness at the core of their business. Through their partnership with Pump Aid, the company has implemented clean running water for over 1.35 million people in Africa as well as installed 3,200 “Elephant Pumps,” that provide clean water access to those who need it most.

Waiakea Water Promotes Healthy Living by Providing Clean Water for Drinking

Waiakea Water is a leading brand in bottled water companies. The volcanic water brand hails from the hills of Hawaii and is currently ranked 414 on Inc’s 5000 fastest growing companies. Being one of the fastest growing companies in the United States of America, Waiakea volcanic water is a trend setter for most bottled water firms in the industry. Over the past five years, Waiakea volcanic water has tremendously expanded its operations as well as services across the world.

In Africa, Waiakea water offers clean drinking water for every liter that has been purchased. Joining the likes of Microsoft, Zappos and Patagonia in the list of achievement, it is factual that Waiakea volcanic water continues to serve thousands by injecting healthy water in the society. According to a ranking facilitated by Inc. Magazine, Waiakea ranks top among the best performers. In different nations, this bottled water is considered a huge revenue contributor. In October 2017, Waiakea water will be celebrating its inclusion in the 5000 Inc best performers scheduled to be held in California.

According to Ryan Emmons the chief executive officer of Waiakea, the firm is excited to have made it to the best 500 on Inc Magazine. Being a company that was established on the idea of a boutique, the growth has been tremendous with the management incorporating a lot of effort to offer clients the best services. Through these services, Waiakea has garnered stellar reputation thanks to the positive client reviews. Ryan closed the speech by stating that the firm is looking forward to making more future accomplishments as well as innovations.

Waiakea water was founded in 2012 with the basis of providing masses with clean water for drinking. Harnessed from a special platform that incorporates healthy minerals, the brand is a champion to the suffering communities. Its sustainability and positive attributes seek to develop the society to the next level. Waiakea volcanic water is inclined towards educating communities about the basis of resonating healthy lifestyles that inspire real positive changes. For average bottled water companies, Waiakea volcanic water has initiated a good example worth following in production. The brand has continued to extensively promote clean water circulation and access while promoting environmental conservation too.