Hussain Sajwani; The DAMAC Owner

Growing a company to a greater magnitude requires a combination of passion and determination. Hussain Sajwani, the founder of DAMAC, is a seasoned entrepreneur whose success in the world of entrepreneurship tells a pleasant story on the Forbes. Founding DAMAC properties way back in 2002 is one of the achievements that he greatly prides himself for.

Hussain Sajwani was born in 1952 to an entrepreneur father who had a small shop dealing in parker pens, watches, and shirts. His father also sold goods that were imported from China. Being among the lucky few, Sajwani was privileged to be sent by the government to the United States where he studied at the University of Washington. He successfully graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering. says that after spending hardly two years in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries, working in the finance department, Hussain Sajwani started a Catering business in 1983. His catering business is well known for having offered excellent catering services to the U.S. Army when at war. It is from this business whose name has since been changed to Global Logistics Services, that Sajwani later established DAMAC properties.

From 2002, the DAMAC owner has channeled a lot of efforts towards developing the company to greater heights. At the moment, DAMAC properties is featured among the top property development companies in the Middle East. In addition to having set up approximately 19,000 apartments, DAMAC properties also has well over 40,000 units that are at different stages of development. The company got a public listing in 2015, a step that saw its shares traded on the Dubai financial market. In 2017, the DAMAC owner, Sajwani’s name was listed by Gulf Business to be among the top 100 most influential Arabs in the world. In the same year, DAMAC properties also got ranked by the Forbes as position one in the Global 2000 list.

Hussain Sajwani is the current chairman of DAMAC properties. He is also featured as the biggest shareholder. Under his focused leadership, the DAMAC owner has made an immense contribution to the company’s growth. DAMAC now develops properties in the better part of the Middle East, GCC, and the United Kingdom. This year, Sajwani was ranked as the fourth richest Arab with a portfolio of $4.1 billion.

Victoria Doramus Understands The Struggle Of Recovery

Victoria Doramus, a consumer trends expert and creative marketer, has seen the ups and downs of trying to recover from an addiction. She spent several years trying to fight her addiction to Adderall and cocaine. After a few short term stays at a couple addiction centers she found herself alone and pushing away everyone that loved her and tried to help her recover. After admitting herself to a strict long term treatment program she realized that addiction is not best battled alone. Victoria moved back to New York and worked with non profit addiction centers. She plans to open her own halfway house in the future to help addicts by providing the same type of support that she has received.

Realizations In Recovery

For Victoria, she realizes the addiction was not about the substances, but about symptoms of a much larger problem. Now that she is sober she is dealing with the challenge of keeping emotional sobriety. She attempts to maintain this by going to groups and participating as well as seeing an addiction therapist. Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) now strongly believes that full recovery takes a village of people. She also says that sobriety is not always the easiest choice for addicts to make because addicts literally have love for the drug of choice and can’t really imagine their lives without it. It’s a sick and intense relationship, however it comes before all other things in your life.

Advice For Addicts Who Seek Recovery

If Victoria had any advice for others it would be that they are the only ones who can make the commitment to change. Change is possible no matter how deeply involved you are. You have to be willing to be honest and reflect on your behaviors that put you in a bad place. The key to recovery is transparency and once you become honest and accountable the outcome will be great. Victoria Doramus says she stopped playing victim and faced her mistakes head on and she was able to learn, heal, and grow. She says she has evolved so much in only a year’s time. Recovery becomes a journey of constant evolution and discovery. Follow Doramus on Twitter.


About Heather Russell

Before joining TransUnion, Heather served as a leader of Buckley Sandler. Here, she coordinated Financial Institution regulations and FinTech. Before that, she has worked with many commercial banks where she held a position of Chief Legal Officer and corporate governance.

Heather Russell Joins TransUnion

TransUnion recently released a press statement that indicated that Heather Russell would be joining their firm as a leader. Heather Russell has numerous skills and expertise relating to the fields of consumer financial services, data privacy and security, government relations, and FinTech. She has acquired these skills due to the 20 years in the Legal Executive department. Upon joining TransUnion, Heather Russell will be in charge of corporate governance, managing all legal issues, private consumer functions, and will oversee all government relations related to TransUnion and their subsidiaries. She will be reporting to the Chief Executive of the Firm Jim Peck. She will also be serving on the TransUnion Executive Committee where she will be displaying the progress of the firm.

When TransUnion CEO Jim Peck was asked to comment on the coming of Heather Russell, he stated that Heather is one of the few smartest individuals whose skills are relevant to the growth of TransUnion. He noted that the incorporation of Heather Russell would strengthen the leadership of TransUnion which will lead to a substantial increase and they will have a better chance to realize their goals.

According to Heather Russell, TransUnion is a great firm to work with. She believes that her financial and legal expertise will be of great significance to the TransUnion Family. She added that TransUnion is an ideal firm that works to their level best to bring information solutions to businesses regarding access to their goods and services. In conjunction with the TransUnion Executive Committee, Russell believes that they are going to make a proper process.

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HCR Wealth Advisors: A Leading Financial and Investment Strategist

HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm specializing in providing investment and financial strategies to all their customers, is committed to helping clients secure a great financial future regardless of the uncertainties that may come up in financial markets. It believes in challenging and overcoming issues in line with business goals. HCR Wealth Advisors’ goal is to incorporate retirement plans, investments, and financial targets in coming up with a strategy that keeps advancing with time.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a firm advocate for the establishment of long-term relationships with customers through communication, education, trust, and customer service. The firm brings up any financial risks and exposures to keep the clients ready for any unexpected occurrences. HCR Wealth Advisors has great confidentiality and security services when it comes to its customers. It is keen to protect the privacy of the individuals. HCR Wealth Advisors has clients that have been there for more than a decade, and the firm is continually dedicated to advising them on any fluctuations in the market or any investment strategies that are new in the industry that they can adopt and benefit from. Greg Heller, CEO and founder of HCR Wealth Advisors, services with a team of many other executives in different positions. The core values at HCR Wealth Advisors are transparency, trust, partnership, empowerment, integrity, and education.

According to glassdoor, HCR Wealth Advisors recently released some crucial information concerning trade and tariffs wars. In the article, HCR Wealth Advisors says that any losses made can be measured in quantity regardless if they are small or large. The market is always in the forefront to quantify the damage and quickly adjust to the new reality that comes in. The worst thing that most investors do not want to hear about is uncertainty matters. However, the hope lies in the period taken to make negotiations so that the market can price it and proceed with business as normal. Through a previous newsletter, HCR Wealth Advisors described how the year 2017 had rare chances for market volatility. They also pointed out that investors should anticipate a rise in market volatility. Most investors understood educational purpose of that newsletter, but since the market achieved its recently-stable state, many have easily forgotten and fallen back to the same habits.

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HCR Wealth Advisors: The Best Advice for Teaching Children About Financial Management

Financial management is not a common topic for parents to discuss with their children. Between schoolwork, soccer practice, and the daily responsibilities of life, this crucial concept is often overlooked. However, HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, recommends simple strategies to improve your child’s financial knowledge.

Take out the Garbage

Teach your children at an early age that money does not grow on trees. Children must understand that in order to earn money you must work for it. Your children will learn to respect the dignity of hard work and this behavior will carry into their adult lives. By teaching them that they have to earn the money they spend, it prevents an attitude of being owed a wage without putting in the effort.


Once your children understand hard work equates to earning money, they must understand how to budget. This is another behavior that prepares for adulthood. Teach the concept of expenses to your children so they understand you have to watch what you spend. HCR Wealth Advisors is equipped to educate clients how to budget for many different life events including marriage, divorce, starting businesses, and the death of loved ones.


A simple savings account teaches your children responsibility. Your children will have greater financial savvy and prevent the risk of their money being stolen. Have your children practice using debit cards instead of keeping money in a piggy bank. Your children will learn that money must be protected and needs to be monitored so they do not spend more than what they have. Additionally, you will be creating personalized financial strategies that last a lifetime. At HCR Wealth Advisors, these strategies are taught and advised to clients.


Understanding the basics of investment is critical to financial success as an adult. Begin with stock market simulators to learn about the investment before using the real deal. Next, start small by purchasing a share or two and tracking the performance. HCR Wealth Advisors creates personalized financial strategies through education, trust, and service.

Teaching your children about financial management is extremely powerful. These simple strategies lead to more respectful, responsible, and educated children. Utilize HCR Wealth Advisors to develop life-long relationships and greater financial well-being. Your pockets will be thanking you for it. (Reference:

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Jed Mccaleb Benefaction In The World’s Financial Sector

Jed McCaleb is a wealthy successful entrepreneur who resides in the United States California. He is the co-founder of Stellar. Stellar is a private financial organization whose primary objective is to create a financial network between the low-income earners and the financial institutions. His idea for this company was lured by his experience being the co-founder of the first bitcoin. While running the bitcoin, he identified a gap that needed to be filled I the world’s financial sector. He saw that bitcoin is a business that involves the transfer of value of currencies from one person to another, but most of the adult population, especially in the developing countries, had no access to the banking services.

As a result, Jed McCaleb thought of starting the Stellar organization to come in between the low-income earners and the financial institutions. This is because most of the banks do not afford the maintenance costs to serve those people who come from the low-income areas especially the rural areas. His reputation as a co-founder of the bitcoin gave him the privilege to get a loan from one of the financial institutions which acted as his main starting capital for Stellar. Stellar has now become one of the most successful organizations in the world. It improvised ways in which money can be transferred online easily.

As a result, most entrepreneurs in the world have opted for Stellar to provide them with loans especially for starting capital and most of them are from the developing countries. Jed McCaleb main objective was to make the lives of the people easier through increasing the efficiency in the financial sector. Most of the people had to incur massive amounts of transaction coats when transferring money from one person to another since most them did not have bank accounts. Thus, some had to travel long distances to pay bills, borrow loans and other financial transactions.

The services provided by Stellar have greatly contributed to the growth and development of many countries especially in the third world countries by increasing their economic status. This is because online money transfer consumes less time and hence economic activities are now carried out effectively thus increasing the gross income of those countries.

New Times Media

Sharon R. Bolton recently solidified President Donald Trump’s decision to pardon Maricopa County’s former Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. The controversial Sheriff made headlines for a number of violations against the rights of Maricopa County’s minority community – a trend that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey covered extensively during their time as the heads of New Times Media.

The prominent newspapermen engaged in a longstanding beef with the former sheriff which eventually resulted in their false arrest. While the charges were dropped almost immediately, it resulted in a three-year court battle with Larkin and Lacey eventually coming out victorious. They were awarded a $3.75 million settlement that they used to begin the Frontera Fund.

1970 marked the beginning a shift in culture regarding the climate of America, as well as the traditional news outlet. On college campuses and major cities across the United States, tensions began to mount, causing a myriad of protests from the anti-war crowd, as well as the rise of self-published alternative newspapers. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin |

After the Kent State Killings, which resulted in 13 students either dead or severely injured, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were moved to create a voice that reflected the feelings of the people, without the conservative spin often placed on the events of the time.

Later that year, Michael Lacey, who had already dropped out from Arizona State University, joined by Frank Fiore, Karen Lofgren, Nick Stupey, and Hal Smith, published the inaugural issue of Phoenix New Times, to immediate acclaim amongst the anti-war crowd.

With Michael Lacey heading the editorial processes of Phoenix New Times, and Jim Larkin, who joined two years later in 1972, heading the marketing, the publication saw significant growth throughout the decade. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

In a short time, major corporations such as J.C. Penny began using the budding newspaper to publish full-page ads. Covering a variety of political and social issues, the Phoenix New Times began seeing exponential growth, particularly with the implementation of the satirical cartoons of Bob Boze, as well as the addition of personals columns.

In 1983, the New Times brand would experience the biggest jump of its decade-plus existence, acquiring the Denver, Colorado-based publication, Westword. Created by Patricia Calhoun, Westword began seeing a decline since its initially successful run but saw a swift rise back to prominence under the watch of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

This acquisition would eventually lead to New Time Media’s purchase of 17 additional like-minded publications, including Miami New Times, LA Weekly, OC Weekly, Nashville Scene, and the originator of alternative news, the New York-based, Village Voice.

Through its continued dedication to First Amendment rights, as well as its narrative journalism, New Times Media would garner a myriad of awards over the next four decades, including the Pulitzer Prize in 2007.

In 2013, having decided to step away from the brand they’d built from the ground up, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey sold the company, in order to focus on other ventures, such as the Frontera Fund.

They recently returned to narrative journalism with the launch of FrontPage Confidential, which continues the traditions created with New Times Media decades earlier.

Philanthropy Remains Important To DAMAC Properties Founder Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is well known across the world for the success he has achieved as a luxury real estate developer who has created a long line of apartment complexes targeted towards some of the world’s richest people. The first development completed by the DAMAC owner was a block of luxury apartments in one of the least developed parts of Dubai; despite this being the first attempt at a luxury development, Hussain Sajwani sold all the units at his first attempt six months before ground was broken on this impressive development. Surviving the 2008 global economic crash was not a difficult thing for Hussain Sajwani who now hopes to give back to the people of Dubai through his philanthropic activities. Learn more:


Creating a close working relationship with some of the world’s leading politicians and real estate developers have been an important part of the work of Hussain Sajwani and resulted in him rising to the top of the luxury real estate development sector with his own DAMAC Properties brand. Alongside becoming a real estate partner of U.S. President Donald Trump, Hussain Sajwani has become a close compatriot of members of the UAE Royal Family who he has become an important member of the philanthropic group of on an annual basis.


Each year as Ramadan approaches members of the UAE Government take part in an annual drive to provide clothing and food to members of low-income families across the nation in a positive and charitable way. A recent donation to this fund by DAMAC Properties and Hussain Sajwani is reported to have provided funding to clothe as many as 50,000 children who are living in the poorest conditions across the nation; the program is a joint initiative by the government of UAE, the Red Crescent humanitarian group, and private donors such as Hussain Sajwani.