Hussein Sajwani Is Growing His Business

In Dubai, Hussein Sajwani, the billionaire developer behind DAMAC Properties is hoping to enhance his business. This will also be through the real estate firm, Trump Organization which is owned by President of US.

Hussein Sajwani has said that his ties with the Trumps extend much beyond the President. DAMAC properties have ties with daughter Ivanka as well as with sons Eric and Donald Jr. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

This is because all his three children are totally involved in his business. Under their leadership, the business relationship with DAMAC properties will only expand and grow. Hussein Sajwani says that his children are closely involved with all the details. This is because they are highly protective of the brand.

Besides, his wife and Ivanka Trump are good friends. The families meet for lunch and dinners regularly. They enjoy working with each other. They share more than cold business relations with each other.

Even earlier, Trump’s children Ivanka, Eric along with Donald Jr. have represented their brand to rich foreigners. Most of them had links with powerful politicians. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

These people belonged to different parts of the world ranging from Canada to Turkey to South America and even extending all across Central Asia. Even Ivanka has mentioned on social media that she has attended business meetings since 2010 in over 13 countries.

While working with DAMAC Properties on a project, Ivanka was pregnant. But she was still quite involved. Besides, she was back to the office in a couple of days after her delivery.

Hussein Sajwani had met Trump before he got elected as the President of US.
Hussein Sajwani has always clarified that there is no reason for people to be worried about his financial links with the occupant of the Oval Office.

This is because he is not involved in any kind of political issues. Rather, he believes that DAMAC properties will benefit from the strength of the Trump brand as it has enhanced after the US elections.