Perry Mandera: The Man With A Big Heart

It is very difficult to find a man that has achieved so much and given so much like Perry Mandera. He is a man that can be said to have done it all. However, that is not according to him as he keeps giving and always keep true to his word of ‘always be humble’.

Perry Mandera’s life started in Chicago where he graduated from high school in 1975. The next chapter in his life was to take place in the United States Marine Corps Reserve where he was assigned to the motor pool. This is where he developed the passion for trucks and transportation. It was a short stint in the reserve before he joined politics in 1984. Perry Mandera was the youngest man in the United States to become a Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward in his hometown Chicago. He served in this capacity until 1988 but in his time he opened another chapter.

This chapter for Perry Mandera was the starting of Custom Companies .inc in 1986. The company that has currently 300 employees with a revenue of more than 200 million dollars has its headquarters in Northlake, Illinois. The company deals with transportation of goods throughout the United States of America with branches throughout the country including Los Angeles and California. The company operates throughout the week 365 days a year.

The hard work, tenacity, and dedication Perry Mandera has put in his company saw him recognized by the Illinois Transport Authority as ‘Top 100 American Transportation Executive of the millennium’.

These among other recognition like those from Illinois crime commission, Two soldiers and a marine, the Glenview grind among others have not made Perry Mandera proud or boastful but have left the man humble. His humbleness has seen him support many charities around Chicago and the wider part of United States of America. Some of the charities that he has been involved in charities that involve sports, youth, and veterans. Perry Mandera does this through the charity foundation he started; custom cares charities.

Perry Mandera is a man with a big heart and his success in business is just a way for him to have more to give.

Lee May Beamridge Gives Back With 10k Run

Lee May Beamridge, formerly known as FS Contracting Ltd, has recently taken part in a sponsored 10k run to help raise money, specifically 20,000 euros, for the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. They are in need of a minibus, which they plan to use for their young members to travel to and from boxing tournaments in the UK and anywhere in Europe. Their goal to be the best in boxing deserves only the best in sponsorship, which is why they’ve partnered with Lee May Beamridge. Nemesis Amateur Boxing club started out in the year 2000, when Tony Pettitt and coach Steve Roach decided to become part of the Amateur Boxing Association after realizing how popular their boxing classes had become. This was just some time after they had become partners through training with different fighters. Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club is essentially a youth-centered organization focused on the development of their young boxers’ and their fighting skills, as well as encouraging their personal development in a family atmosphere while instilling strong values. Lee May Beamridge fully supports their work, and is also an earnest boxing fan, which makes this partnership all the more fulfilling.


Lee May Beamridge is a construction management company that opened its doors in 2013, with a group of Directors possessing over a century’s worth of experience in the construction industry. They provide a service that is high quality and cost-effective, as well as professional, while stressing the importance of work safety. Their Injury Free Environment is a culture that ensures that every one of their employees take conscious care for themselves and their coworkers in dangerous construction environments. So it’s no surprise that Lee May Beamridge is highly invested in its own people, as well as those they partner with, including clients. Their extensive client list includes Clarion Housing Group, Crest Nicholson, Bellway, and Barratt London.


Every euro raised by the company was promised to the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Company. And every donation given to their crowdfunding page, no matter how small, is a step further towards their goal of 20,000 euros.