Securus Technologies Drone Detection Technology Alerts Prison officials about Drones Approaching their Facilities

Drones are the fastest growing technology in the world, and it has seen an increase in its development and sales in the past years. Even though most of the people are using these drones for professional and recreational use, there are people who are taking advantage of the technology. The drones are being misused by the criminals to supply contraband, which is also putting the lives of many inmates and officers at risk. Many of the inmates and officers have in the past lost their lives due to the attack by the inmate using a weapon they received through the contraband.


The problem of drones in prison is set to increase as they are becoming much cheaper making it available to more people. Drones also have to carry capacity of 11 pounds and more making it the perfect mule for carrying the contraband items inside the prison yards. Thus, there is a need to stop the drones from entering the prisons. There have been reports of prisons building higher walls to prevent the entry of drones, but these do not always work. Drones are very difficult to detect because of the small size, different shapes and even their speed. They can be identified only using an advanced monitoring method.


Securus Technologies has come up with a drone detection technology that will send a message to the operator in case there is a drone approaching the walls of the prisons. It will then help locate the position of the drone and catch it before it can make its delivery to the inmates. Drone technology by Securus Technologies is still in the testing phase and will need some time to mature. Even then, they are the best defense for prisons against the drones that can do more harm to the prison industry than one had thought earlier.



Securus Technologies Provider of Highly Applauded WCS Technology

Securus Technologies has been leading the correctional space in the United States for a long time, and the company has developed some of the highly efficient yet affordable products and services for the sector. The company has developed a wide array of correctional services over the years, and one of the latest additions to it is the wireless containment solutions. The wireless containment solutions would help in stopping the use of the contraband phones inside the prison. For many years, the law enforcement agencies have been trying to limit the use of contraband phones in correctional facilities, but haven’t had much success. It is due to these contraband phones that many of the illegal activities continue to take place inside the prison facilities.


The use of contraband phones has been increasing at a rapid pace in recent years, and it has also contributed to the increase in the crime rate. Many criminals have been using these phones to organize criminal activity not just inside the prison but outside as well. There have been many technologies used a few years back, but not all of them were successful. The criminals were too advanced, and they would find a way around the technology quite easily. But, it all changed last year, when Securus Technologies introduced their newest technology in the prison industry. The use of contraband interdiction technology is a must if the crime rate needs to be controlled, and it is what the Securus Technologies has developed in the form of wireless containment solutions. It is the only such technology available in the market today that has been accepted and approved by the authorities, and has also been passed by the FCC to be used in the correctional facilities.


The wireless containment solution by Securus Technologies focuses on ensuring that the contraband phones do not get connected to the network carrier. The company has partnered with other network carriers to ensure that their networks are not misused by the inmates to make illegal communications from inside the prison. There are many criminal incidents that are happening outside the prison, which are connected to the contraband phone use. If the use of contraband phones is restricted, it is for sure that the crime rate would drop drastically. It would be really helpful for the corrections space, which as of now seems highly vulnerable.


The need for Wireless Containment System in prisons is known to people like Robert Johnson who was a victim of an attacked organized within the walls of the prison. Since then, he has been working with Securus Technologies to help them develop technologies to prevent the use of contraband phones in prison and stop the illegal activities that the inmates are able to perform using those phones once and for all.


Here is what you need to know about Securus Technologies.

The prison technology could not have been any better without the Securus Technologies chipping in. the company is based in the United States where it operates in conjunction with prisons to achieve its goals. it was founded in 1986 and headquartered in Dallas United States. in addition, we have other offices in States among them Allen and Atlanta.

As Securus Technologies, we have created employment opportunities for more than 1000 individuals thus enabling them to earn a living. In addition, at least 2600 correctional institutions have enjoyed our services for a long time. We have made huge investments amounting to $600 million to upgrade our technologies, patents as well as acquisitions in the last three years. This is an achievement which has made it easier for us to attend to at least 1,200,000 people who are in the prisons in North America.

We have garnered numerous titles including the International Brand Leader which was offered by Offender Management Systems in 2007. This was the beginning of better days because in 2010, we were the best company that delivers quality telephone services to inmates. Although there are just a few companies that offer such services in the US, it was an honor for us to fulfill one of our goals of being at the lead.

As Securus Technologies, we are committed to meeting all our clients’ needs without any bias. Our customers enjoy services such as communication, biometric analysis, in-mate self-service, public information, incident management among others. We also do a follow up on the services we offer to ensure that the clients are satisfied.

We have invented a system which is in control of contraband cell phones. We have worked alongside Harris Corporation to innovate the Cell Defender Technology. This project was up in July 2016. We are aiming at working with more clients and maintain the quality of our services and products.


CEO Rick Smith Leading Securus Technologies to Higher Accomplishments

Rick Smith is a seasoned businessman with more than ten years of experience in the industry of telecommunication. In 2008, Mr. Rick Smith was appointed to serve as the chief executive officer of the Texan criminal and civil security tech corporation Securus Technolgies, Inc. Mr. Rick is also the current owner of the company.

Securus Technolgies, Inc. is based in Dallas and was founded in 1986. The company operates in the U. S. and Canada, serving correctional facilities and inmates, and providing security solutions to business owners and families with large homes. Securus Technolgies, Inc. was the result of the merge of Evercom and T-Netix. According to Wikipedia

Before Mr. Richard became CEO at Securus Technolgies, Inc., he worked for more than ten years in the industry of telecommunication. He achieved an Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering and was able to enroll at the Rochester Institut of Technology. Mr. Rick Smith than completed a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the New York State Universty. Mr. Rick Smith also has a master’s in Math as well as in Business Administration.

Mr. Rick Smith has held a number of positions in leadership which has allowed him to develop and hone many of his skills. Mr. Rick Smith set his business career in motion in 1972 when he took up a job at GCN America, Inc where he occupied various posts until 1998.

After that, Mr. Rick Smith was a part of the Eschelon Telecom, Inc where he served as the President of the large corporation for three years, and then he was CO. From 1999 to 2003, Mr. Richard Smith was the company’s Chief operating officer. He dedicated more than ten years to the corporation.

Rick Smith is currently a board member of a couple of businesses. In the year 2000, he started assisting at the board of Eschelon Telecom Inc., and he is also on the board of another company. Check this article at to know more about Rick Smith.

Mr. Smith has been a leader and co-leader in a number of projects over the years, making sure Securus Technologies Inc. is up to its standards. In 2016, he led the company through a vast amount of improvements focusing on every single detail of the business and the way the corporation presented itself and its products.

In last year, Rick Smith Securus achieved the coveted formal accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The organization rates businesses and provides them with official accreditations of quality if they manage to meet the criteria which pertain to all and every aspect of the business from sales and marketing to the way they treat customers.

Securus Technologies, Inc achieved the formal accreditation, and the company also receive a rating of A+ for quality.


Securus Technologies Gives Police Officers a Fighting Chance

Looking back at my job as an officer in a state prison, I am surprised how quickly things have changed concerning the inmates. It feels like it was only yesterday that we had two inmates per cell, guards and inmates could walk the yard together, and there were very little in the way of violent incidents inside the mess hall. Today, we seem to have a violent outbreak hourly, and many officers have left this facility and still remain in local hospitals from injuries sustained.


In an effort to control the resent increase in violence, we called in Securus Technologies to provide us with a resource that has changed the way officers interact with the inmates of this jail. We knew that this company created an inmate call monitor that was already doing wonders in 2,500 jails in this country, so we wanted to see it in action for ourselves.


Securus Technologies has one objective, and the employees of this company are all in agreement they are working to make the world a safer place for us all to live. We didn’t realize it at the time just how much safer things would get.


What the call monitor does is scan every single call inmates make on the prison phone, then the LBS software scans for verbiage pertaining to things like violence, drugs, or weapons. When the system has a hit, it will alert officers and we get in position to take the recommended action.


If an inmate asks family to sneak him any contraband, we stop that transfer in the visitor center. When inmates brag about drug use, we take away those drugs. Being in a position to stop a crime before it occurs gives officer back control and has decreased violence this week in our facility by 25 percent.


Securus Leading The Charge In A Tough Industry

I cannot imagine how difficult it is to be an employee at Securus. Securus is essentially a telephone company that also provides Internet. They are kinda like the Internet provider that you hire for your own home except they only provide services to correctional facilities. Unless you are in jail, you cannot do business with Securus.


This kind of business must be very difficult because you are dealing with people behind bars and their loved ones. It’s no secret that most criminals are of a lower socioeconomic background and these families probably don’t have a whole lot of money to pay for phone calls. But reviews of Securus are good, their prices are reasonable and they even carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Most people don’t understand that ample access to telephone calls actually makes us all safer. Prisoners who stay in touch with their friends and family while serving their time aren’t likely to commit crimes when released from jail. Why would you hurt the community that you are so closely tied to after serving your time? Securus is an important part of an inmate’s life when trying to turn their life around.


That’s why I applaud Securus for running an ethical company that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Securus also employs the largest customer care call center in the industry. Anybody with an issue concerning their telephone service can call this center and usually have their concerns addressed within the first phone call.


Securus provides an essential service to a very underprivileged part of our community. They could raise the prices exponentially in order to line their own pockets, but they choose to take the high road and offer good services at reasonable prices. And with reduced recidivism, this company is making us all safer.

How Did Securus Technologies Clean Up a Prison?

When our jail got to the point that drugs and weapons were more easily to get inside than on the outside, we all knew that we had to take the appropriate action. While stepping up inspections at the visitor center were helping, and more surprise inspections of the inmate cells were putting a dent in the problem, we found the biggest success from the most unlikely source.


Securus Technologies is responsible for the monitoring of inmate calls through their call system in over 2,600 prisons around the country. The CEO of that company is Richard Smith, and he says all of his employees are dedicated to working towards a single objective, making the world a little safer. That is exactly what we were hoping once we all got trained on using the LBS software, but none of us ever thought that we would see the results we were about to experience.


Within days of us getting acclimated to the new inmate call monitoring system, we struck gold unlike any other time in the jail. That first week we were able to overhear conversations about how an inmate would tell his family exactly how, when, and where to get into the jail on visitors day with contraband. That was our first glimpse at seeing how the process worked from start to finish. Another time we discovered where the inmates were hiding all those drugs and how they were distributing the drugs to the rest of the inmates.


In less that a month we were able to take so many drugs out of the system that we saw a huge drop in violence that month. Since then, we have be cutting down on contraband to the point it is rare now if any gets past us at the visitor centers any longer.


Securus Technologies Anywhere Visit Aids in Lowering Recidivism Rates

The recidivism rate remains a serious problem in the United States. Individuals released from a prison or jail term ultimately reoffend, oftentimes even committing more serious crimes than those that resulted in their incarceration in the first instance.


Securus Technologies is a company on the leading edge of developing solutions designed to reduce crime and keep communities safer. Anywhere Visit is one of the Securus Technologies solutions that provides a variety of benefits, including aiding in lowering offender recidivism rates.


Research reveals that incarcerated individuals who are able to maintain meaningful connections with loved ones on the outside have a lower recidivism rate than those inmates who do not have this type of association. Inmate visitation is key way in which incarcerated people and loved ones are able to maintain meaningful, consistent contact during a jail or prison term.


The reality is that visitation can be a challenging endeavor in many cases. For example, an offender may be incarcerated at an institution that is at a considerable distances from his or her family. This makes visitation difficult, if not impossible.


Through Securus Technologies Anywhere Visit, inmates and loved ones can enjoy regular visitation, no matter where family or friends are located.  In addition, through the use of this application, loved ones and incarcerated individuals can enjoy visitation far more frequently.


In addition to making inmate visitation more accessible, Securus Technologies Anywhere Visits are also highly cost effective. The traditional in-person visitation costs a correctional institution an average of $100 per individual session. In addition, family members and friends have to expend what can amount to a considerable amount of money traveling to visit an incarcerated loved one.