The Unforgettable Opening Ceremony Marco Antonio Marques da Silva Had

Some people associate the legal profession with difficulties, especially during training. It’s something some people have believed for years, but others have proved this philosophy wrong. Being elevated from being a lawyer to a judge shows commitment and diligence. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was happy with the new legal responsibility he got on April first. It’s a day he will never forget. The Sao Paulo PUC honored Marco for his progressive journey as a top judge. This achievement was remarkable such that, one of the Perdizes Campus auditoriums was named after him. The magistrate also happens to be a criminal law professor at the institution. (estantevirtual)


The ceremony to promote Marco to his new legal position was unusual by all standards. Dirceu de Mello presided over the opening ceremony making it great and memorable. Mello was the former president of the Court of Appeals in the Sao Paulo State. He also happens to be the president of Sao Paulo University where Marco was once a student. Mello applauded Marco in his speech saying he has been the spectacle of dynamism. The president said Marco, the Court of Appeal judge, deserved the honor since he selflessly made the construction work of the new auditoriums possible.


The Faculty of Law also had its representatives who came to witness the grand ceremony set aside for Marco Antonio Marques da Silva. Ricardo Sayeg, a PUC tenured professor, and lawyer represented the law faculty and saluted Marco for his unforgettable contributions. Marco was born in 1958 in Itapetininga city. He had already made up his mind to join Law career when he was on 15 years old. Nothing would have stopped this diligent and devoted judge from being who he ever desired to become.


His journey towards the legal career started in 1977 at PUC where he pursued his legal studies and graduated in 1981. He then proceeded to Pontifical Catholic University where he pursued his teaching, doctorate, and master’s degree. Later in 2005, Marco joined Coimbra Faculty of Law for his postdoctoral fellowship. Don’t forget PUC had Marco Antonio Marques da Silva as one of its reputable professors on legal studies. Marco became a member of the State Judiciary in 2003 and a judge at the Court of Appeals in 2007.