Alex Pall Talks About Singing Writing And Producing Their Own Music

Alex Pall says the decision for them to sing on their own records was an easy one. They work with songwriters but they have a hand in how the song is written because it’s about them. Some of the songs the group wrote alone, and others they are there guiding it along. No matter what, they keep the song true to their lives. They strive for a cohesiveness on the album, as opposed to placing a bunch of songs on an album that do not relate to each other at all. They have reached a point in their career where they need to show in their work who they are instead of just the three hits that are unrelated but popular. Most DJ albums already have the make up of the few hits, six other cool songs, a couple records to dance to with possibly an interlude.

Creating And Producing

Alex says working with Halsey on the Closer was incredible. She was at the top of the list of artists they wanted to work with. They find her very cool and unique. She is herself no matter what and has a very strong voice. That represents the type of person they like to work with. Closer is a song that Andrew and one their buddies wrote on the tour bus. It was an exciting step into the next direction of Andrew singing and them producing their own song. Music artists don’t typically do both. It was the perfect song to start creating their identity as a group.

Choosing Writing Topics

Andrew says they were on tour with all of these great artists and they were listening to old music. They started to flashback to when they were young teens and really feeling the words to the songs. In making the comparison they realized that it was harder at this point in their lives to make a song that was relatable and thought-provoking. That’s when they decided to just write about things that they went through. Andrew went to off to school in Syracuse with rich girls that he really crushed on because he wasn’t used to seeing that back at home. Once he got to know them and got intimate with them he was turned off so he wanted to write an unsexy song. He and Shawn Frank got together and started working on Closer.

Will Gregory Aziz Continue His Winning Streak?

Gregory Aziz has managed to reach where he is today for a good reason. Nobody else seems to have managed to do as much as he has and nobody seems to have the same determination. He is focused on doing everything he can to make sure the world realizes why there is a need for this kind of thing and he is focused on making sure that we fully realize just how important it is that the freight car industry continues to run smoothly. People who are used to seeing the goods they enjoy in our stores do not realize how important logistics is to that success.


The success of Gregory James Aziz and his management is a victory for logistics. We simply wouldn’t have the same quality of goods and the ability to get them when we want if not for his work. He focused on making National Steel Car what it is today and helped bring it into the modern day with his precise thinking. His ability to do this getting recognition and it’s changing the way people look at his name. Clearly, we can benefit from having him around and everything that he is able to offer in the end.


His ability to lead is going to be important to the future of the freight car industry. Nobody else has managed to produce so much in so little time and nobody has apparently made the most successful decision making like him. He’s had enough experience to understand what people are looking for and he is trying to bring the entire forward. This is going to look different for different people, but for him it’s all about making sure that National Steel Car is still at the top. The century of rising is something he doesn’t plan on stopping. See Related Link to learn more.


The factors influencing the success of National Steel Car aren’t easy to emulate and it’s amazing that they even arose in the first place. Freight cars are absolutely important to our world and they have allowed North America success that others couldn’t dream of. Aziz has so much more in store for the company he manages and we will see it in due time. For the time being its going to be painfully obvious that there is a need for a new direction. Nobody can help National Steel Car get there better than he can or steer things more smoothly. ISO have recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification and received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.

Gregory Aziz, the Chief Executive Officer of NSC

Gregory James Aziz owns National Steel Car. He has been the head of the company since when he was the age of 45 until now. Gregory James Aziz took over its leadership at a time when he was very capable and still strong. He was very well trained and had enough experience and money.


Hamilton has been his home since 1949 when he was born. He went to school in the community and even to college, at Ridley. Gregory James Aziz did well and was therefore required to join the university. Studies during the time when James Aziz was born, were not so much stressed on. However, those who were able to acquire education seized the chance. Their parents knew the struggles that their children would go through if they did not seek education at an early time.

Education was very important because it enabled one to acquire the necessary skills to be used in different fields like in industries and companies. Those who wanted to pursue more demanding courses would require more training. These were the likes of doctors and engineers.

Greg James Aziz never intended to be an engineer, so he never became one. However, he always wished to be an entrepreneur. One of the great entrepreneurial fields that he knew was the manufacturing industry. Why this was more benefiting is due to the fact that vehicles and other locomotives will always be needed in the new times that we are living in. the only difference between the past and now is the advanced level of the locomotive and its features. Refer to This Article for related information.


To get to do the job that Greg wanted, he had to study hard and smart. He passed his examinations well and progressed in his studies without any hiccups. Greg soon graduated from the Western Ontario University. Skill is pointless without education. The reverse is true.


Greg Aziz was aware that he would do nothing without his educational certificate if he did not look for better skills to improve his expertise in management. He, therefore, looked for jobs that would not only earn him money but also teach him how businesses are run and managed. Greg James Aziz soon became an expert in management. What then remained was for him to get money and buy NSC. He worked in New York for a few years and was able to get the amount that was required to make the purchase. This was a dream come true for Greg.