Improving the Quality of Life for Texas Residents with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority focuses on the current traffic congestion problem that is plaguing Austin, Texas. They want to use tech solutions to help decrease traffic problems and improve flow. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority admits that sometimes it’s a road that will solve the problem, at times it’s a bridge, and sometimes it’s another solution entirely. They had previously built the 290 toll road between Austin and Manor and effectively tripled the capacity of the old road. They are currently making MoPac Mobile Express lanes to ease the congestion and help people get to where they need to go with less hassle. The Mobility Authority is currently working on an app that will update in real time and warn commuters of possible problems that will slow their commutes. They are also making foot and bike paths to encourage commuters to use alternate means of transportation. Finally, the Mobility Authority is partnering with Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) to provide free assistance to stranded motorists to get them moving and off the road faster.Learn more :


Mike Heiligenstein Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, and he has held this position since the company began in 2003. He previously served as an elected official that focused his energy on expanding water, wastewater and transportation infrastructure. Mr. Heiligenstein was selected in 2014 to take on the role of President for the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. He is asked to speak at various seminars and conferences all over the nation, and his goal is to spread awareness and offer different transportation options to the public.Learn more :


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority This publicly owned company was founded in 2002 and opened its door officially in 2003. It was created to help solve the problem of traffic congestion in both Travis and Williamson counties, as well as improve the quality of life for the residents that call those counties home. The Mobility Authority is presided over by a seven-person board of directors. The Texas Governor appoints a person to Chairman, and both Travis and Williamson County officials appoint three board members to serve each. This company has the authority to create airports, roadways, seaports and various transit services.Learn more :


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, has already drastically improved the economy and quality of life for residents in the two counties and will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the county as the years go by.Learn more :