Tracing the Entrepreneurial Journey of Mike Baur

Mike is one of the prominent names in the Swiss startup circles. This is because he is the executive chairperson and co-founder of the top startup accelerator in the country, the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). Although he has made a name for himself in the startup industry, Baur embarked on his career in the banking field where he spent nearly two decades of his life.


During his early days in the banking sector, Baur managed to climb the career ladder from a commercial apprentice working at UBS to become an executive board member of a prominent Swiss private bank, Clariden Leu. After some time, Baur quit his banking job and united with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister to form what is currently known as Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. This marked the start of his entrepreneurial journey.


Baur spends most of his time mentoring young digital entrepreneurs through the Swiss Startup Factory’s accelerator program. He also spends some time supporting the youth by devoting his time and financial resources towards youth entrepreneurship. Aside from being the executive chairman of SSUF, he was appointed to serve as the deputy managing director of CTI Invest after both firms ventured into a partnership.


Mike Baur has played a significant role in steering SSUF to its current position. He led the company through the accelerator program it had with the Goldbach Group in 2016. His leadership was also instrumental in the successful partnership between SSUF and FinTech Fusion.


Swiss Startup Factory


The Swiss Startup Factory or otherwise known as SSUF is a Zurich, Switzerland-based startup accelerator. Since its inception back in 2014, the company has become a leading autonomously and privately funded early stage ICT startup accelerator in Swiss. After identifying promising digital entrepreneurs, the Swiss Startup Factory then ensures that it provides them with exciting opportunities from the first day in a bid to propel them to successful heights. As a matter of fact, the company’s primary objective is to create worldwide companies that can disrupt the existing products, business models and norms.


Thriving digital entrepreneurs are taken through a three-month long accelerator program. During this duration, SSUF avails a platform for mentoring, coaching, services, entrepreneurial network and office space. The accelerator program also involves testing the selected startups to gauge their capability not only to create a selling idea but also to pitch it to prospective investors. Last year, the Swiss Startup Factory led by Mike Baur joined forces with the Swiss Startup Invest, formerly known as CTI Invest, to promote the Swiss Startup Ecosystem. The partnership will see both companies take part in co-organizing events like the Swiss Startup Day, launching a website and providing training for startups.


Lime Crime Announces a Scandalous New Lipstick Color


In a press release from PRNewswire, Lime Crime announced a new color in its Velvetines lipstick line. The new color is called “Scandal, ” and its name is typical of this innovative, theatrical, and profitable makeup company. Lime Crime has evolved from a simple start-up in 2004 to become a major player in the cosmetics industry appealing to a large and growing group of young women who are being influenced by the new fashions and trends seen on the internet and in the social media world of today. Proof of Lime Crime’s popularity is the 2.6 million Instagram followers the company has gained.


The brains behind the Lime Crime brand are in the pretty head of the CEO Doe Deere. She had a love of makeup as a young girl and remembers a sleepover party in which her friends were models for Deere’s creativity at a very young age. She and her husband who is a partner in the business are living comfortably in Los Angeles with their three cats; here she begins every business day by teleconferencing with the company’s various business associates and department managers.

Deere has structured and developed the business in a way to emphasize the fantastical and imaginary world that makeup creates. With makeup, women can radically change their image; both physical and imagined. Deere has fed this theatrical concept about makeup with her color choices and by the use of voluptuous lip models.  The color is dramatic and definitely out of the mainstream color choices for many women, but it offers a sense of intrigue and a result that many younger women desire. Deere served as a lip model in the early stages of the company’s development but now can afford the service of lip models to showcase her sumptuous lipsticks. Shop for yourself on Beauty Bay, or find Lime Crime’s page on Love-Makeup.

For more about Doe Deere and Lime Crime visit the website: