The Unforgettable Opening Ceremony Marco Antonio Marques da Silva Had

Some people associate the legal profession with difficulties, especially during training. It’s something some people have believed for years, but others have proved this philosophy wrong. Being elevated from being a lawyer to a judge shows commitment and diligence. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was happy with the new legal responsibility he got on April first. It’s a day he will never forget. The Sao Paulo PUC honored Marco for his progressive journey as a top judge. This achievement was remarkable such that, one of the Perdizes Campus auditoriums was named after him. The magistrate also happens to be a criminal law professor at the institution. (estantevirtual)


The ceremony to promote Marco to his new legal position was unusual by all standards. Dirceu de Mello presided over the opening ceremony making it great and memorable. Mello was the former president of the Court of Appeals in the Sao Paulo State. He also happens to be the president of Sao Paulo University where Marco was once a student. Mello applauded Marco in his speech saying he has been the spectacle of dynamism. The president said Marco, the Court of Appeal judge, deserved the honor since he selflessly made the construction work of the new auditoriums possible.


The Faculty of Law also had its representatives who came to witness the grand ceremony set aside for Marco Antonio Marques da Silva. Ricardo Sayeg, a PUC tenured professor, and lawyer represented the law faculty and saluted Marco for his unforgettable contributions. Marco was born in 1958 in Itapetininga city. He had already made up his mind to join Law career when he was on 15 years old. Nothing would have stopped this diligent and devoted judge from being who he ever desired to become.


His journey towards the legal career started in 1977 at PUC where he pursued his legal studies and graduated in 1981. He then proceeded to Pontifical Catholic University where he pursued his teaching, doctorate, and master’s degree. Later in 2005, Marco joined Coimbra Faculty of Law for his postdoctoral fellowship. Don’t forget PUC had Marco Antonio Marques da Silva as one of its reputable professors on legal studies. Marco became a member of the State Judiciary in 2003 and a judge at the Court of Appeals in 2007.


A Look into the Bioscientific Endeavors of medicines of Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin has been very successful in leading many pharmaceutical companies with finding novel treatments for patients and their families. His dedication to continuously assist in the progress in providing vital medicines to families who need it the most is highly commendable. His partnership with Paragon is eagerly anticipated with further studies of biosciences in creation for newer medicines that focuses on some of the more rare diseases that do not affect the greater population. His strong work ethic and shared belief in Paragon philosophy of helping as many patients as possible, even ones who generally are overlooked due to the rarity of their illness has led him to receive several accolades and honors during his career even before the collaboration with Paragon and other start up pharmaceutical he has had a huge part in. Some of his most recent awards includes the Weizmann Leadership Award, The Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award and even the Deal Of The Year accolade from the Buyouts in 2010. He was also one of the Entrepreneur of the year finalist by Ernst & Young within his geographical area in 2006.


Jeff Aronin has supported many companies all over the globe throughout the years, constantly showcasing his passion in developing and maintaining the next generation of healthcare leaders. Some of the organizations Jeff has been known to provide his expertise and support to are the Juvenile Diabetes Research, the prominent Susan G. Komen organization and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, just to name a few. He is also the leading participate in many of the start up companies that are in the inception stages in Chicago. It’s very interesting to see what plans Jeff has in store for his future endeavors with leading, educating, and improving lives in the bioscience industry with finding innovative ways to bring essential medicines to many individuals and their families.


The Factors that IC System Addresses In order to Ensure the Protection of Consumers

Protection is very important to consumers when they are dealing with various companies online. This is one of the reasons that IC Systems works very hard to provide this kind of protection. One thing that this company does is make sure that it is up to date with all of the rules and regulations that are in place so that it can avoid any complaints. IC System also makes sure that it goes above and beyond what is expected so that patients will feel comfortable with them. There are a ton of factors that they handle in order to make sure that they are trusted by patients.


One factor that IC System addresses is dealing with is conduct. One of the issues that patients often have with collection agencies is that they often behave in ways that make the patient feel uncomfortable. For one thing, they may deal with someone who acts in a rather aggressive way with the consumer. Another issue that IC System makes sure that they avoid is causing the customer to feel like they are being treated with dishonesty. Everything is made clear to the customer so that they will feel like they are dealing with an agency that can be trusted.


The focus of IC System is on security. One of the reasons behind its focus on security is that it handles a lot of personal and sensitive information. Everyone has some piece of information that can be used at such a great expense of the person whom the information is about. One of the issues that IC System is working very hard to protect people against is identity theft. IC System also does not see it as enough that it is protecting the data. Therefore, they work to make sure that the data is not being misused.


Christopher Linkas Talks Commercial Real Estate Investing

There are many people who look to put money to work for them by investing in financial securities such as stocks and bonds. While these assets provide a lot of benefits for investors, there is another asset that can be even more lucrative. According to investor Christopher Linkas, investing in commercial real estate provides people with a great way to establish a secure retirement as well as a stable investment income.


Christopher Linkas began his career in real estate investing shortly after he finished college in 1991. Despite there being limited opportunities in the job market due to a recession, Linkas was still able to find opportunities that would allow him to develop expertise in investing. In fact, he attributes the recession to his overall investment success. Since loans offered lower interest rates, there was a lot of opportunity to participate in real estate investing.


His first job out of college was working at a consulting firm that provided repackaged loans to individuals. He would then move on to credit and investment where he would help run the real estate funding business. During this time he would focus on both managing debt as well as the commercial real estate division.


Over the years, Christopher Linkas has used his experience to find out what commercial real estate has to offer. According to him, commercial real estate offers benefits that are a bit superior to other investment options. Investing in the stock market is very dependent on the gains in various securities and the markets. With commercial real estate investing, individuals will be able to more easily withstand the fluctuations of the stock market and continue to make profitable returns.


While the stock market has a number of fluctuations, the real estate market can as well. However Christopher Linkas says that by understanding real estate better, investors can get around these potential fluctuations. He believes that it is important to know how properties are in demand during certain seasons which can affect their value. It is also important to evaluate the exact type of property that you are looking to purchase as well. Properties that are located in urban markets in densely populated areas are also more likely to fluctuate less often then in other areas.


Glen Wakeman Cares a lot About his Clients

When a start-up company or group of individuals have an entrepreneurial idea and spirit but also could use a hand in the operations department, they need authoritative help. As an experienced businessman and founder of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman changes good initiative and acumen into a working venture. This actually happens on more than one level, because he does not just run his company’s business, which benefits others through the benefit of its collective knowledge. He writes about business as well.


It all comes down to insight and vision, as his work day and duties can range from explaining the subtleties of emerging markets in Europe to quality checking the level of effectiveness regarding a client’s company management. The executive level instruction and attention that Wakeman shares with clients goes a long way in the development of their fiscal responsibility and commercial constitution. Put simply, LaunchPad Holdings whips those companies with the right stuff into shape, so they can have the skills to survive and thrive in the fast-paced economy markets of today. And, this kind of hands-on economic building is an action everyone can appreciate.


But, it only takes one look at his standards and practice to get a deeper understanding of the value embedded within Glen Wakeman’s service. Actually, the service and value he provides to clients can be summed up in one word, and that word is leadership. It takes a sense of leadership to design solutions based on the needs of others while maintaining a full and experienced account of current market trends. It takes a calm head and steady hand on the wheel to make those ends meet. And of course, there is always some bottom line, deadline, or bottomless pit of surprise to deal with. From years of business education and even more so of giving advice, Glen Wakeman has put out enough financial fires to be in the right position of leadership.


Graham Edwards Behind Successful Deals

Gram Edwards is actually the Chief Executive Officer of the Telereal Trillium Company. The company played an important role in the shaping the UK’s property market. This brilliant man is also the co-owner as well as the CEO of the Castle water. You know what? Castle Water is actually the top independent water retailer in the United Kingdom. Graham Edwards is also a good tennis player, investment expert, and enjoys skiing.


Graham Edwards as the CEO of the Telereal Trillium


Graham Edwards has been the CEO of the Telereal Trillium since its creation in the year 2001. His leadership qualities have played an important role in influencing the company’s culture as well as makeup in several ways. He established a culture of noticing the previously unseen value of strategic development through partnerships. This has resulted in a company with huge property holdings.


Graham Edwards was behind the deal that saw Telereal Trillium enter into a partnership with BT. This deal was executed in the year 2001. The partnership helped the company acquire about 6,700 properties. The BT also benefited immensely from the transactions involved.


One of the most important components that facilitated the success of the deal between Telereal Trillium and BT was actually the built-in flexibility. This facilitated the vacating of properties of BT over time. These flexibility arrangements helped BT to decrease the size of their estate by about 30%. The partnership facilitated the vacating of the estates creating an opportunity for Telereal Trillium Company to benefit from the properties.


More about Graham Edwards


Graham Edwards is an alumnus of Cambridge University. He graduated from the institution with a degree in economics. He has worked with some of the best companies in the area of investment. Before joining Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards worked at Talisman Global Asset Management as the chief investment officer. Here, his performance was excellent.


Before joining Talisman, Graham Edwards worked at a company called Merrill Lynch Investment Management where he was a fund manager. He also worked at the property department at BT Group. Here, he was in charge of finance. This position prepared him for his future position at Telereal Trillium.


Jorge Moll Neuroscientist and Researcher Continual Efforts to Change Humanity for the Better

Jorge Moll is the current founder and head of D’Or Institute of Research and Education where a long time ago he had an epiphany, and a dream that grew into a passion to help his country achieve greater levels of education, greater levels of healthcare, and greater levels of world class research. The dream and passion he has is something that he has always had even since his youth, and with his expertise and years of history working in the medical field receiving his MD in neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil he also completed his residency to become a full fledged neuroscientist. He also later at Sao Paulo University received his PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology.


The way that Jorge Moll is able to spread his dream and his vision to other people is by keeping productive in his day-to-day routines which consist of meetings with a variety of individuals over a variety of topics. Jorge Moll speaks with a large number of a diverse group of people that in compass many different organizations and fields and levels of expertise. A list of types of people that Jorge Moll meets with are students, associates, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and many more and he believes that it is truly a key to have a diverse group of individuals to meet with as the exchange of ideas and the level of communication will allow for or brilliant revelation to become a reality.


That very ideas day he has use that become a reality are sometimes the ones that come from other people and the ideas that he has are constant in many and with so many ideas it can become extremely difficult to decide which is a good idea to invest in and which one should be dropped and no longer look at. He has a tendency also to choose those of which he believes can easily be converted into a measurable action plan that allows for multiple hands to invest time and energy in making it happen. He also has a strong interest in the trend and evolution of cognitive systems such as artificial intelligence and the possibility of machines and the brain working together to develop regenerative medicine and gene therapy. Over all Jorge Moll is someone who is consistently coming out with brilliant ideas with collaborative help from associates hoping to use neuroscience and technology to greater humanity.


Lee May Beamridge Gives Back With 10k Run

Lee May Beamridge, formerly known as FS Contracting Ltd, has recently taken part in a sponsored 10k run to help raise money, specifically 20,000 euros, for the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. They are in need of a minibus, which they plan to use for their young members to travel to and from boxing tournaments in the UK and anywhere in Europe. Their goal to be the best in boxing deserves only the best in sponsorship, which is why they’ve partnered with Lee May Beamridge. Nemesis Amateur Boxing club started out in the year 2000, when Tony Pettitt and coach Steve Roach decided to become part of the Amateur Boxing Association after realizing how popular their boxing classes had become. This was just some time after they had become partners through training with different fighters. Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club is essentially a youth-centered organization focused on the development of their young boxers’ and their fighting skills, as well as encouraging their personal development in a family atmosphere while instilling strong values. Lee May Beamridge fully supports their work, and is also an earnest boxing fan, which makes this partnership all the more fulfilling.


Lee May Beamridge is a construction management company that opened its doors in 2013, with a group of Directors possessing over a century’s worth of experience in the construction industry. They provide a service that is high quality and cost-effective, as well as professional, while stressing the importance of work safety. Their Injury Free Environment is a culture that ensures that every one of their employees take conscious care for themselves and their coworkers in dangerous construction environments. So it’s no surprise that Lee May Beamridge is highly invested in its own people, as well as those they partner with, including clients. Their extensive client list includes Clarion Housing Group, Crest Nicholson, Bellway, and Barratt London.


Every euro raised by the company was promised to the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Company. And every donation given to their crowdfunding page, no matter how small, is a step further towards their goal of 20,000 euros.


Dr. Dov Rand Is A One-Of-A-Kind Physician Who Uses An Integrative Approach

Dr. Dov Rand is a Physiologist, Medical Director, Practicing Physician, experienced provider of acupuncture, and the founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Center, which is located in the state of New Jersey. As a specialist in treating people with hormone replacement and integrative medicine, he understands that people need more than just one kind of treatment most of the time. He knows that people must change their lifestyle and add in healthy doses of nutrition in order to lose weight or reduce the kinds of health issues that come with the aging process.


It’s not only his medical knowledge; however, that causes people to appreciate Dr. Div Rand so much, it is also his willingness to listen and focus in on each individual patient that comes through his doors. There is no one treatment that will work precisely the same for every single person out there, and his therapeutic programs have been created to treat the individual. Many men and women have benefited from his hormonal treatment therapies and the dietary changes that he has recommended for them, and he encourages his patients to educate themselves as much as possible about the kinds of lifestyle changes they can make to help them out even more.


Dr. Dov Rand uses the latest and greatest innovations in hormone therapies when treating his patients. One of his dietary programs that he suggests for patients is the HCG diet, which helps people to lose weight without suffering from hunger. The testimonials Dr. Dov Rand has received are a testament to the fact that what he is doing is working, and they express that people are happy with not only his medical knowledge but with the way that he treats them. At the Healthy Aging Medical Center, he works to prevent and treat disease and pain that happens as people get older, and he also encourages people to take a more active role in their own health.


Looking into the future, Dr. Dov Rand plans on doing more of the same, and his many happy patients are glad to hear this, because unique people like him are very hard to come by.

Stansberry Research Company knowledge in Financial Solutions

Stansberry Research is a privately owned financial research company based in Baltimore, Maryland. It has more other offices in California, Oregon, and Florida. The company specializes mainly in delivering unbiased investment research to investors who are looking for an edge in the extensive variety of market conditions and sectors. The experts of Stansberry produce a steady flow of well-timed exploration that covers areas such as Options trading, macroeconomic analysis, short-selling, technology, financials, medical technologies, biotech, resources, investment in energy sector, maximizing income and value investing. The uncompromised and unrelenting understanding of market analysis and trends has made Stansberry Research be the most preferred and respected Research Company in the economic sector.

The company was established in 1999 by Frank Porter Stansberry. Previously, the company was known as Stansberry and Associates Investment Research. Apart from its editorial duties, the founder also writes opinions articles in various financial publications as he discusses controversial and diverse issues that range from European financial fear to auto bailout among others. Some of the Stansberry efforts in public information’s include 2011 commercial titled “End of America” and also “Project to restore America” which aimed at reforming the governance of America. Before launching Stansberry Research Company in 1999, Porter Stansberry was working as the first editor in America.

The company has experienced analysts who don’t promote any unified or a single opinion of the market, but they publish strategies, recommendations, and mosaic opinions. Their multi-franchise method gives their work a chance to create various opportunities for their subscribers. Stansberry Research has a strategy of building an enduring relationship with their clients as they provide consistently profitable, actionable and reliable advice. Generally, the company does not earn any profit from subscriptions. It believes that all the investment consultants whether publishers or fiduciaries must offer the accounting results of their assistance. Thus all their investment recommendations are evaluated publicly every year, and all their publications contain monthly issues of track records.

Stansberry Research is steered by two principles which include, striving to give their clients information the way they would want if their roles were earmarked and publishing analysts who have strategies and advises that they would want their specific families to read and emulate.