Larkin and Lacey Initiatives to Defend the Helpless Minorities

The world is such that human beings not only need laws but their effective application for society to function in a just way. The order of society is such that, usually, the majority tends to forget about the plight of the minorities, and will even invent ways to make sure that their way will always carry the day.

There are the reasons that such historical bloats as slave trade took place. Slavery was the height of the manifestation of human selfishness and animal tendency. Thanks to civilization such tendencies are largely controlled and eliminated in some cases.

However, like a chronic wound, the evil still resides, like dregs, in the hearts and minds of those who benefited from oppressing the minorities. It is for that reason that such tendencies randomly tend to want to show their ugly heads that several organizations have been formed to defend the rights of minorities.

These organizations are usually formed as a result of witnessing oppression against minorities.

Border Angels

It has several community-outreach programs aimed at supporting immigrants. They even organize trips to the desert to place drinking water on the routes that immigrants follow on their way from Mexico. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

The Day Labor outreach program offers free legal assistance on daily basis to support immigrants in need of legal representation or pursuing documentation.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona

The union was started in 1959. It has engaged the authorities on minority rights issues since it was formed. It provides legal assistance to minority needy groups and individuals. It is renowned for having successfully challenged the law that banned multi-racial marriages in Arizona. The Ernest Miranda case is also another of their major achievements.

How Larkin and Lacey shot into the limelight and became frontline defenders of the rights of the minorities in Arizona

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are true patriots when it comes to fighting for the rights of the minorities in Arizona and beyond. The two founders of Village Voice Newspaper were the first ones to smoke the cat out of the bag in Arizona when Joe Arpaio reigned supreme, apparently outside the law.

Larkin and Lacey were rounded up and thrown into prison by the Maricopa County Sheriff for what appeared to have been a vengeance mission by the County Sheriff. The two had highlighted the proceedings in the County Sheriff’s Department regarding the use of public funds and the draconian application of the law when dealing with immigrants.

The Frontera Fund

Ironically, the Frontera Fund was started with the funds that the courts in Arizona awarded Larkin and Lacey for wrongful arrest by the Maricopa County Sheriff. Mr. Joe Arpaio was ordered to pay the two former Phoenix Times journalists a sum of $3.3 billion.

The two journalists were fully aware of the conditions that surrounded the lives of many immigrants and other minorities in Arizona. They decided to use the money awarded by the courts to start a fund that would defend the rights of those that the authorities mishandled.

The Frontera Fund is dedicated to providing documentation assistance to immigrants and giving free legal counsel, where needed, to such people.

Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Facebook

Jim Toner Helps People Get Fertility Treatments

Being a fertility doctor isn’t always the easiest thing for people to do. In fact, most doctors find it difficult. They need to find the perfect balance between learning about opportunities to make people feel better and making sure they get the treatment they need. Jim Toner knew this when he started out working to help people with fertility treatment and that’s what made sense for him to do things the right way. No matter what people went through or what they did to get where they are, Jim Toner knows how to give them the positive experiences they need. He also knows there are things that change the way he offers new options and the way he does everything the right way. By looking at these opportunities, Jim Toner feels good about what he can do. He also feels there are things that make a difference no matter what.

Fertility treatments are difficult for patients. People who go through them have a lot of hope for the future, but doctors don’t always have the answers. Jim Toner tries to find the right answers for all his patients. As long as Jim Toner knows what everyone needs, he can give them the most positive experience as long as he’s doing everything the right way. Looking at these options allows Jim Toner to see there are things that make sense and things that offer people the right opportunities. Depending on the things Jim Toner offers to give people, he can help them with different chances at success.

As long as people realize they’re getting a good experience, Jim Toner knows what it takes to help them. He spent most of his career learning about the right options for success. As long as Jim Toner knows how to help people through the positive experiences, he can give everyone a chance to see there are things that are happening around him. It makes sense for Jim Toner to see things can help people and see things will make it easier for everyone.

Even though there are other fertility doctors in Glasglow, Jim Toner is the best. He spends a lot of time trying to give people the chances they need for success. He also spends time showing people they have a chance to get better. It’s his goal of helping people that allows him the chance to do things the right way. As long as he knows how to help others, Jim Toner feels good about what he has to offer and what he can do to help them. Fertility treatments work for Jim Toner because he spent a lot of time making things easier on those who need to see the positive aspects of them. Know more about Dr. Jim Toner, visit

Millionaires at the Oxford Club

The procedures financial club, the Oxford Club, offers multiple benefits to its over 157,000 members. Depending what tier of membership, you hold, one or all of the following benefits may be yours to have.

In real estate, the Oxford Club excels in property exchange. Members can work with one another and network in real estate opportunities. This often leads to an exchange of privately owned villas, beach houses, castles, and many more.

Based on an article from, you also gain access to one of their many global outposts. Members have unmatched travel benefits to Central America, the United States of America, France, and Russia. This is so that they can attend one of the many financial seminars or workshops or symposiums that the Oxford Club offers.

The Oxford Club members also enjoy having gatherings around the world. These all occur at unique travel destinations that can only be described as luxurious. These events are great opportunities to have one on one investing advice given by financial experts and network with your fellow members to continue building your wealth while you enjoy the fire things of life. During these travels you can expect world-class entertainment and gourmet food.

You also gain access to the four-story clubhouse that belongs to the Oxford Club. This clubhouse is in Mount Vernon, Baltimore. Members can visit and enjoy this experience that is exclusive only for them.

The Oxford club began as the Passport Club in 1989. In just two years it changes its name in order to show which true values lied. It was founded by William Bonner who is also in charge of Agora Incorporated.

The mission of the Oxford Club is to help members increase their vast wealth while protecting it during troubled times in the market. They believe that networking and personal connections are the means to success and provide the opportunity to maximize profit since you can get in on investment at the earliest opportunity. The Oxford Club has made many people millionaires many times over and this will continue.

Jed Mccaleb Benefaction In The World’s Financial Sector

Jed McCaleb is a wealthy successful entrepreneur who resides in the United States California. He is the co-founder of Stellar. Stellar is a private financial organization whose primary objective is to create a financial network between the low-income earners and the financial institutions. His idea for this company was lured by his experience being the co-founder of the first bitcoin. While running the bitcoin, he identified a gap that needed to be filled I the world’s financial sector. He saw that bitcoin is a business that involves the transfer of value of currencies from one person to another, but most of the adult population, especially in the developing countries, had no access to the banking services.

As a result, Jed McCaleb thought of starting the Stellar organization to come in between the low-income earners and the financial institutions. This is because most of the banks do not afford the maintenance costs to serve those people who come from the low-income areas especially the rural areas. His reputation as a co-founder of the bitcoin gave him the privilege to get a loan from one of the financial institutions which acted as his main starting capital for Stellar. Stellar has now become one of the most successful organizations in the world. It improvised ways in which money can be transferred online easily.

As a result, most entrepreneurs in the world have opted for Stellar to provide them with loans especially for starting capital and most of them are from the developing countries. Jed McCaleb main objective was to make the lives of the people easier through increasing the efficiency in the financial sector. Most of the people had to incur massive amounts of transaction coats when transferring money from one person to another since most them did not have bank accounts. Thus, some had to travel long distances to pay bills, borrow loans and other financial transactions.

The services provided by Stellar have greatly contributed to the growth and development of many countries especially in the third world countries by increasing their economic status. This is because online money transfer consumes less time and hence economic activities are now carried out effectively thus increasing the gross income of those countries.

Jed McCaleb Co-Founded Stellar To Make Banking Transactions Smoother And More Affordable

Jed McCaleb, co-founder of Stellar, has been working on blockchain technologies for many years, now, and he has founded a spread of blockchain projects. He recalls when he first became aware of Bitcoin in 2010 while reading an article and found the idea of it fascinating.

He believed that this was an important discovery and knew he wanted to be a part of it. The first project he was a part of that was related to Bitcoin was Mt. Gox, which was the original centralized exchange for Bitcoin. He eventually sold Mt. Gox to Mark Karpeles but held onto a 12% share of the company while he focused on other Bitcoin related issues.

Jed McCaleb began to work on Ripple soon after selling Mt. Gox, because he realized that the mining process was wasteful. Over the years, he watched Ripple grow and become something more than it was originally intended to be. Many other applications were made from the technology that Ripple was using, and one of these was Stellar, which Jed McCaleb helped to found. The idea with Stellar was and is to connect financial institutions and payment networks so that it is much easier to send money from one place to another. One of the unique standouts about Stellar is the fact that it was created as a nonprofit that was open sourced, which created trust in it.

Jed McCaleb is happy that Stellar uses the federated Byzantine agreement, which helps to create consensus and stronger network security. This makes it so Stellar doesn’t need so many validators and that bad validators can be released from the network. Stellar’s model also accounts for assets that are tokenized on the blockchain, which further helps with security. While some doubt the security of Stellar’s business model, Jed McCaleb has made it clear that they simply do not understand how it actually works. Now, as Stellar becomes a more well-known cryptocurrency, Jed McCaleb plans on continuing to work with big banks and other financial institutions to help ease the increasingly higher costs of all of the transactions going on all over the world.

Dick DeVos – Article Recap

The Federal Aviation Administration has created a new civilian board to help with policies, regulations, spending, and other matters related to the aviation industry. This board is known as the Management Advisory Council, and a familiar face has just been appointed along with 12 others.


Dick DeVos is the latest appointment to the Management Advisory Council. He is among a mix of private and public sector aviation and transportation government leaders. Some of the members include Phillip Trenary, former CEO of Pinnacle Airlines and Donna McLean, former US Department of Transportation Assistant Secretary for Budget and Programs.


While many may believe that DeVos is only the President of Amway, they would be ignoring his extensive history with aviation as a business and hobby.


DeVos is an avid pilot and is licensed to pilot single engine jet and helicopter planes. He owns a few of them as well. His work at the aviation academy on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford airport is enough to show his passion. However, there are also the other ways in which he has helped turn around the old airport.


From the late 1990s to the early 2000s, Grand Rapids International Airport had an imagine and destination problem. It was old and barely provided any decent destinations. DeVos wanted to change all of that by adding on new terminals. He picked up the phone and talked to the Air Tran Airways CEO at the time. Within a few weeks, the airport had new terminals including St. Louis, Orlando, Vegas, and Denver.


His work with Air Tran allowed Gerald R. Ford to start bringing in new businesses and lowering air fares as it had more customers. However, things seemed to be coming to a halt once Southwest purchased Air Tran. This was a different conversation for Dick DeVos, as he would have to convince the CEO that it was worth it to keep the destinations and terminals open within the airport. The company had been shuttering other terminals in cities across the country.


Ultimately Southwest kept the terminals at the airport. Recently, Grand Rapids International Airport went through a $45 million remodel to add new food courts, business center, and terminals. This comes at a time when Gerald R. Ford is booming with international business travelers from Canada and the US.


DeVos has always been a fan of aviation and has worked his whole life to become a prominent businessman. As his governor run did not make it in 2006, it will be interesting to see how his political knowledge plays out in Washington from being on the new council.


Many aviation leaders, including the CEO of Southwest said that the appointment was a perfect fit. They must know that the man has a passion for flying and business that will contribute greatly to discussions surrounding the future of aviation business in America.


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Securus Technologies Drone Detection Technology Alerts Prison officials about Drones Approaching their Facilities

Drones are the fastest growing technology in the world, and it has seen an increase in its development and sales in the past years. Even though most of the people are using these drones for professional and recreational use, there are people who are taking advantage of the technology. The drones are being misused by the criminals to supply contraband, which is also putting the lives of many inmates and officers at risk. Many of the inmates and officers have in the past lost their lives due to the attack by the inmate using a weapon they received through the contraband.


The problem of drones in prison is set to increase as they are becoming much cheaper making it available to more people. Drones also have to carry capacity of 11 pounds and more making it the perfect mule for carrying the contraband items inside the prison yards. Thus, there is a need to stop the drones from entering the prisons. There have been reports of prisons building higher walls to prevent the entry of drones, but these do not always work. Drones are very difficult to detect because of the small size, different shapes and even their speed. They can be identified only using an advanced monitoring method.


Securus Technologies has come up with a drone detection technology that will send a message to the operator in case there is a drone approaching the walls of the prisons. It will then help locate the position of the drone and catch it before it can make its delivery to the inmates. Drone technology by Securus Technologies is still in the testing phase and will need some time to mature. Even then, they are the best defense for prisons against the drones that can do more harm to the prison industry than one had thought earlier.



Meta Trader 4 & AvaTrade Review for You

Is MetaTrader 4 available on AvaTrade? AvaTrade is one of the most popular binary options trading platforms around. Did you know that AvaTrade and Meta Trader 4 were both invented about the same time?


Why Meta Trader 4?

AvaTrade has been around for a long time in the Forex industry. Since 2006, the broker has been allowing people to trade derivatives. You can choose from fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, indices and ETFs.


The minimum deposit is USD$250 at AvaTrade. You can open a demo account to practice your trades. Mini, managed and Islamic accounts are also available.


You can use MetaTrader 4 on AvaTrade. MetaTrader 4 is the recognized leader in the binary options market. It was started about 2007.


Its system is easy to use. It also offers apps for your smart phone, so you can trade anytime. You can also plug in signal providers to Meta Trader 4.


Choose Your Asset

You can choose from major, minor or exotic fiat currencies. There are dozens available. You can also combine these with cryptocurrencies.


AvaTrade is one of the first binary options traders to offer Bitcoin. You can also trade Dash, Ethereum, Monero, Neo and Ripple here. You have plenty of assets to choose from.


Corporate shares are from Germany, Japan, UK and US. There are about 100 corporate shares available at this broker. You can mix and match assets to keep it interesting.


FX Empire Awards AvaTrade

You can deposit money using Neteller, credit cards or PayPal. It might take up to 5 days to withdraw your money.


Customer service is primarily in European languages, like English, German and Italian. Its customer service is award-winning AvaTrade Review. FX Empire has awarded AvaTrade with several annual awards.


This AvaTrade Review found a binary options broker that offers the popular MetaTrader 4 Platform. These two brands are Forex industry standards. Together they have made it possible for men and women to make money, whenever they want.

Making the Market – Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest has a line of garments out. He joined up with Macy’s to form the brand. The suits are targeted towards each level of the American consumer. The value points that he focused on are quality and price, he also wanted them to be cool. Ryan Seacrest has had interest in fashion for several years, therefore this is the perfect prospect for him. He has stepped into the market with a fashion 1st mindset. His mentor and fashion coach is Christopher Bailey. He is one of the designers for high fashion brand Burberry. The pair have created a line of modern suits that measure up to be cheap and classy. This was the goal of each party.


Ryan Seacrest gained his quality from his time on American Idol. He met Christopher Bailey and started learning about fashion. The pair had several discussions concerning fashion. Ryan Seacrest is likable, and the styles that Bailey created were marvelous. He just likes the cuts, fit, and materials that he selected. The close suit became a favorite variety of Ryan Seacrest’s. The suits that he wore became famous in every household. The thought of constructing fashion for a wide market was intriguing. Ryan Seacrest consulted with Bailey to confirm the suits were top quality and had the proper material, cut, and feel. He revered his eye for detail.


Bailey liked the selection of material, patterns, and details that Ryan Seacrest selected for the suits. Macy’s has an exclusive contract with Seacrest. They’re going to be the sole retail merchant with the suits. Ryan Seacrest has additionally created a line of jewelry, pocket squares, accessories, ties, and cuff links to go with the suits. This new level of menswear could be a massive move for Ryan Seacrest. He is hosting consequent seasons of American Idol, and he can go beyond any doubt that his competition may have concerning his clothes. He has over twenty million viewers and listeners on his broadcast and radio show. His influence can be powerful once he’s advertising his new fashion line to his fans. Ryan Seacrest is a burgeoning entrepreneur that will continue to rise in popularity.

Securus Technologies Provider of Highly Applauded WCS Technology

Securus Technologies has been leading the correctional space in the United States for a long time, and the company has developed some of the highly efficient yet affordable products and services for the sector. The company has developed a wide array of correctional services over the years, and one of the latest additions to it is the wireless containment solutions. The wireless containment solutions would help in stopping the use of the contraband phones inside the prison. For many years, the law enforcement agencies have been trying to limit the use of contraband phones in correctional facilities, but haven’t had much success. It is due to these contraband phones that many of the illegal activities continue to take place inside the prison facilities.


The use of contraband phones has been increasing at a rapid pace in recent years, and it has also contributed to the increase in the crime rate. Many criminals have been using these phones to organize criminal activity not just inside the prison but outside as well. There have been many technologies used a few years back, but not all of them were successful. The criminals were too advanced, and they would find a way around the technology quite easily. But, it all changed last year, when Securus Technologies introduced their newest technology in the prison industry. The use of contraband interdiction technology is a must if the crime rate needs to be controlled, and it is what the Securus Technologies has developed in the form of wireless containment solutions. It is the only such technology available in the market today that has been accepted and approved by the authorities, and has also been passed by the FCC to be used in the correctional facilities.


The wireless containment solution by Securus Technologies focuses on ensuring that the contraband phones do not get connected to the network carrier. The company has partnered with other network carriers to ensure that their networks are not misused by the inmates to make illegal communications from inside the prison. There are many criminal incidents that are happening outside the prison, which are connected to the contraband phone use. If the use of contraband phones is restricted, it is for sure that the crime rate would drop drastically. It would be really helpful for the corrections space, which as of now seems highly vulnerable.


The need for Wireless Containment System in prisons is known to people like Robert Johnson who was a victim of an attacked organized within the walls of the prison. Since then, he has been working with Securus Technologies to help them develop technologies to prevent the use of contraband phones in prison and stop the illegal activities that the inmates are able to perform using those phones once and for all.