Great Alternative to a Full Knee Replacement – Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

What if you needed a knee replacement and only one part of your knee was diseased? You would probably only want the diseased part to be replaced instead of the whole knee. Right?


Well Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, Chairman of Orthopedic Surgery at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center discusses and explains his approach to knee replacements.


He is not calling it a replacement though. He refers to it as a Partial Knee Resurfacing. Since the knee is made up of 3 components, if only one of those components is diseased, Dr. Kirschenbaum can go in and replace that one diseased component and leave the others intact. Even the ligaments will stay intact. He uses metal on one side and a High-Density medical plastic on the other side.


The thing about total knee replacements is that if you have one, they could fail some years down the road and then you would have to have another total knee replacement all over again.


The best candidates for this resurfacing procedure would be those with osteoarthritis. Those with osteoarthritis are about 70% of people.. Unfortunately, people with severe arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis would not be good candidates.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, was trained at Rothman Institute in Philadelphia. Besides being trained in knee replacement, he also is trained in hip replacement and reconstructive surgery. He is also a member of The American Academy of Orthopedic surgeons, The Orthopedic Research Society, The American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons and The American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has had many more achievements throughout his career. He has developed instruments for knee replacements as described above and medical trademarks and medical inventions just to mention a few.


You can see the interview with Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum titled: “Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum on WPIX-11: The Alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery” on YouTube here

Aloha Construction ready to offer better services this new season

Home maintenance is an important issue. If we do not take care of the spaces we live in, then everything else we do can be doubted of its worth. We need to live in well-maintained spaces, and this can only happen when we have regular servicing done to our homes.


Some of the key areas that need to be checked include roofing, siding, and interior design. When the weather has not been very good- windy and hailed- it is good to have an expert check the status of your roofing after such a season. If you live in Illinois, you already know that the weather has been rocky and many houses have damaged roofs. If your house is one of these, then, checking with a firm that offers such services if the best thing to do.


Aloha Construction Inc. is the best provider of roofing and siding services in Illinois and parts of Wisconsin. The company has an excellent reputation for offering the best services that one would be looking for. It has been around for a decade now, and the reputation it has among the people is fantastic. It has completed over 20,000 projects since it was formed and it continues to do more. Now we are in a new season, and it is the right time for houses to be repaired.


Aloha Construction has also added a unit that will deal with interior design and remodeling. According to the CEO of the company David Farbaky, the company is going to focus on better service delivery this year. It aims to serve more people than before as well as making sure that people live in safe houses. Aloha has won accolades for its excellent services delivery. In 2017, it was the recipient of the BBB Torch Award for its marketplace ethics.


With the reputation that this company has, it would be the best company to hire when in need of roofing and siding services.


Stansberry Research Company knowledge in Financial Solutions

Stansberry Research is a privately owned financial research company based in Baltimore, Maryland. It has more other offices in California, Oregon, and Florida. The company specializes mainly in delivering unbiased investment research to investors who are looking for an edge in the extensive variety of market conditions and sectors. The experts of Stansberry produce a steady flow of well-timed exploration that covers areas such as Options trading, macroeconomic analysis, short-selling, technology, financials, medical technologies, biotech, resources, investment in energy sector, maximizing income and value investing. The uncompromised and unrelenting understanding of market analysis and trends has made Stansberry Research be the most preferred and respected Research Company in the economic sector.

The company was established in 1999 by Frank Porter Stansberry. Previously, the company was known as Stansberry and Associates Investment Research. Apart from its editorial duties, the founder also writes opinions articles in various financial publications as he discusses controversial and diverse issues that range from European financial fear to auto bailout among others. Some of the Stansberry efforts in public information’s include 2011 commercial titled “End of America” and also “Project to restore America” which aimed at reforming the governance of America. Before launching Stansberry Research Company in 1999, Porter Stansberry was working as the first editor in America.

The company has experienced analysts who don’t promote any unified or a single opinion of the market, but they publish strategies, recommendations, and mosaic opinions. Their multi-franchise method gives their work a chance to create various opportunities for their subscribers. Stansberry Research has a strategy of building an enduring relationship with their clients as they provide consistently profitable, actionable and reliable advice. Generally, the company does not earn any profit from subscriptions. It believes that all the investment consultants whether publishers or fiduciaries must offer the accounting results of their assistance. Thus all their investment recommendations are evaluated publicly every year, and all their publications contain monthly issues of track records.

Stansberry Research is steered by two principles which include, striving to give their clients information the way they would want if their roles were earmarked and publishing analysts who have strategies and advises that they would want their specific families to read and emulate.

Time Equals Money: Talk Fusion Video Chat

As the old saying goes in the business world time equals money. No company has taken that saying more to heart than Talk Fusion. The idea came to the owner and CEO Bob Reina when he took a short video of a house that he wanted to buy. Then he tried to email it to a friend and his service provider said that it was not possible to do it. Ever since then Talk Fusion has made the mission of the company to be the foremost expert when it comes to video email and other things in order to make things easier. One of the most sought-after products that Talk Fusion has is Video Chat. Talk Fusion has just announced new changes to that product and how it will make the lives of business people and individuals much easier.

The first thing to notice when it comes to Talk Fusion’s Video Chat is that it uses the WebRTC format to make communication easier for businesses and individuals wherever they happen to be in the world. RTC stands for Real-Time Communication. A second thing that companies and people will notice about the Video Chat service is the new user interface. It is built in such a way that the product will adapt to whoever may be using it at the time and not the other way around. This new interface will ensure that more work can get done in a shorter length of time.

Talk Fusion is a company that is always thinking of businesses and consumers first. The company first tested the new format for users in what the company called a VIP Council. The council had tested the product thoroughly and gave the new version of Video Chat rave reviews. Since the new version of Video has come out more people are using the interface and the results have been nothing but stellar for Talk Fusion.

Now that this project has gotten off to a great start the team at Talk Fusion is already looking ahead to using the interface for its suites and other products. People will just have to wait and see what Talk Fusion comes up with next in the years to come.

Talk Fusion does not want to stand still. It wants to keep pushing the envelope when it comes to business communications. With Bob Reina at the helm, the company will continue doing that.   Learn more:


Why UKV PLC is Becoming a Wine Merchant That’s Producing Products That are Becoming Greatly Sought After

UKV PLC isn’t a vintner that’s striving to be known as one that’s stagnant in their developmental processes. Fermentation is a process that needs to be considered as being one of the most important aspects of the manufacturing processes of any wine making company; however, there are many that aren’t placing much importance on it. By being stagnant, a company is not necessarily positioning themselves to take advantage of opportunities in which they’ll be able to make advancements in their manufacturing stages. Each component of equipment that’s involved in the manufacturing processes may be capable of being upgraded to make the manufacturing processes more efficient and effective. If any given wine manufacturer isn’t maintaining an innovative stance in their researching and development departments, it’s absolutely possibly they’re going to be known as being a wine merchant that is stagnant and is not necessarily looking out for their customer base’s best interest.

UKV PLC is a wine merchant that realizes fermenting is an aspect of the manufacturing process that needs to be given a lot of attention. Without the fermentation process, a wine product wouldn’t be what it is. At the same time, there are low qualities of wine products available for purchasing in the markets today that haven’t undergone the processes of full fermentation. When a wine product undergoes full instances of fermentation in their manufacturing stages, it is highly likely it can be considered as being one that possesses features of being a high quality product. Be sure to invest in a wine product that has undergone entire processes of fermentation, as you don’t want to regret making the wrong investment choice.

UKV PLC offers tasty wine products that you can truly enjoy drinking. Their help desk agents are able to assist when you need their assistance. Visit the website today to learn more about their products.

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